Power Dynamics PDY2218S 2×18″ Passive PA Subwoofer – 2000W


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If you are in the market for a high-powered passive PA subwoofer the Power Dynamics PDY2218S is a great choice. Boasting two 18-inch drivers and a 2000W max output, this passive subwoofer produces a deep and powerful bass output, perfectly suited for a range of venues including event halls, pubs, clubs, and entertainment settings.

This PA subwoofer is designed for professional applications and delivers a powerful 2000W maximum output, making it suitable for large settings. It also features two 18-inch woofers that deliver clear low-range frequencies, with a frequency response of 25Hz to 200Hz. Due to its passive design, please note that it will require a connection to an external amplifier.

Additionally, the subwoofer is designed with a filter switch that enables you to choose passive or bi-amp mode, to suit your set-up. It’s worth noting, however, that the device does not feature an internal crossover network, so we advise using an external crossover system.

The passive sub also includes a speaker pole mount, so a speaker pole can be easily attached to mount a top speaker. Furthermore, the subwoofer has a robust construction, with a hard-wearing exterior finish for long-lasting use. It features an NL4 input and output, making it easy to connect an amplifier and speakers, for a quick and easy setup process.

In conclusion, the Power Dynamics PDY2218S passive PA subwoofer is an excellent addition to any sound system. Equipped with two 18-inch woofers and a 2000W maximum power input, it delivers a deep and powerful performance. Its ease of use and robust build quality make it an ideal choice for a variety of entertainment venues.

Key Details

  • Professional 2000W passive subwoofer, providing a powerful performance ideal for entertainment venues, including event halls, bars and clubs
  • Feature two inbuilt 18-inch drivers with a frequency response between 25Hz-200Hz
  • High-powered maximum output of 2000W, suitable for large settings
  • Contains a filter switch with passive and bi-amplified mode to suit different setups
  • Durable design with speaker pole mount to connect a speaker pole and mount a top speaker if needed
  • 2-year extended warranty

Power Dynamics

Speaker Type

Passive (Non-Powered)

Power Dynamics PDY2218S 2×18″ Passive PA Subwoofer – 2000W

In Stock

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