Amate S18W 18” Active Subwoofer, 2500W


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If you are searching for a subwoofer that can handle demanding applications, the Amate S18W active subwoofer is a great choice. This high-end subwoofer boasts a powerful integrated 2500W Class D amplifier and cutting-edge built-in DSP technology, designed to deliver a high-quality, reliable performance that is ideal for large and medium-sized venues, and live music events.

Featuring an 18-inch woofer and a 4-inch voice coil in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure, this PA subwoofer provides a high-powered bass response that can effectively reproduce low-end frequencies. Its frequency range of 33Hz-140Hz is designed to hit lower bass notes, and it has an omnidirectional output, ensuring wide coverage. The speaker is powered by an inbuilt 2500W amplifier, which maximises power delivery while minimising energy consumption.

An onboard 64-bit digital signal processing (DSP) system, allows you to easily manage settings for an optimised output. An inbuilt touch-screen display makes it simple to navigate settings, including; delay, limiter, volume, and parametric EQs. Additionally, there are presets for common applications, making set-up quick and effortless. Moreover, the subwoofer has an automatic EcoMode to limit power consumption when no input signal is present.

This active subwoofer also has a durable design for long-lasting use, featuring multilayer birch plywood housing and high-resistant Polyurea® paint. In addition, a 2mm black mesh speaker grille adds a sleek, modern appearance while also optimising the audio performance. Plus, the subwoofer has ergonomic handles making it easy to transport and handle.

Overall, the Amate S18W active subwoofer is a powerful and durable addition to any audio setup. Its high-quality integrated amplifier, internal DSP, hard-wearing design, and omnidirectional output make it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a professional subwoofer.

Key Details

  • Compact and powerful active subwoofer, perfect for live music applications and events
  • Features 18-inch woofer and 4-inch voice coil in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure
  • Integrated high-efficiency 3rd generation 2500W Class D amplifier
  • Internal 64-bit precision DSP with colour touchscreen operation and multiple presets
  • EcoMode reduces power consumption when no input signal present
  • Robust, high-strength design and recessed ergonomic handles
  • 2-year extended warranty

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Amate S18W 18” Active Subwoofer, 2500W

In Stock

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