Amate N12A6 12” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 600W


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The Amate N12A6 active speaker is perfect for main PA and stage monitoring applications. This versatile bi-amplified speaker boasts a 600W output and a two-way system, providing superb vocal articulation and crystal-clear sound. It also includes useful features, with internal DSP and an Eco mode. As a result, it is a perfect choice for a variety of venues and events.

This powered PA speaker features a two-way design and a Class D bi-amplified system, with a 500W amplifier and 12-inch woofer for mid-low frequencies and a 100W amplifier and 1.4-inch compression driver for high frequencies. As a result, you receive a full-frequency response and high-quality sound reproduction. Additionally, the asymmetrical dispersion horn ensures excellent sound coverage, ideal for large events.

Built-in DSP (digital signal processing) controls enable you to optimise the output of this active speaker, and an easy-to-use LCD control panel and touch panel make it easy to navigate the settings. Therefore, you can adjust settings such as; crossovers, 5-band Equaliser controls, delay, limiter, gain control and mute. There are also presets available for common applications, such as flat, speech and monitor, for a quick and easy set-up. Plus, there is an XLR input to connect equipment and an XLR link for connecting units together.

An automatic Eco mode reduces power consumption when no signal input is present, ensuring an energy-efficient performance. In addition, this speaker has a versatile trapezoidal design, meaning the speaker can be positioned vertically or horizontally, making it ideal for stage monitoring. A 35mm top hat mount on the speaker base, also allows it to be easily mounted on a standard tripod.

Furthermore, this active speaker is highly durable, guaranteeing a long-lasting performance. It has multilayer birch plywood housing and a high resistant Polyurea® coating, ensuring maximum protection. There are also ergonomic handles for simple transport and handling. Overall the Amate N12A6 is therefore a versatile and powerful bi-amplified speaker, making it an excellent option for venues and events.

Key Details

  • Powerful 12-inch active speaker, for PA and stage monitoring applications
  • Bi-amplified system with combined 600W output, 12-inch woofer and 1.4-inch compression driver
  • Built-in DSP to easily adjust settings, and with useful presets for quick and easy setup
  • Eco mode reduces power consumption when no signal input present
  • Trapezoidal design enables PA and stage monitor use, and 35mm pole mount socket for mounting
  • 2-year extended warranty

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Amate N12A6 12” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 600W

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