Amate S15 15” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 1000W


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Amate Audio’s Nitid S15 active speakers are intended for use as a main PA and stage monitor system. The powerful bass response of it’s 15-inch precision woofer is combined with a long projection, compression horn tweeter system that together provide a uniquely balanced and hugely powerful audio performance.

These 15-inch high-powered PA speakers are ideal for use as front of house speakers for live music performance and for installation in theatres and auditoriums. The design allows use as wedge monitors to compliment an array system, or as stand-alone PA solution. The S15 are an informed choice for modern church sound systems, where the PA is required to perform at higher volumes and project clearly to a large audience.

Now in its 3rd generation, Amate Audio’s Class D bi-amplification provides huge power reserves, with its SMPS power supply and PFC correction delivering constant, clean power to the amp from even the dirtiest of AC supplies often found in old buildings and stages. Power is fully monitored and controlled by the advanced 64-bit DSP system, with thermal protection and an overvoltage limit. The system also has an adjustable 294ms / 100m delay for installation alignment.

The 3.5-inch colour touchscreen with user friendly GUI gives access to powerful presets that instantly configure your Nítid S15 active speakers for most environments and applications within seconds. These can then be fine tuned to perfection will full access to every available parameter for a custom tonal setting, a 5 band parametric EQ, crossover settings, and FIR phase filter correction.

The Nitid range is birch ply construction, finished with a tough Polyurea resin coating. The unique asymmetric trapezoidal enclosure design, 35mm pole mount, and M8 rigging points allows the S15 to be suspended for installation, used as a standard pole mounted PA speaker, or as a floor monitor system for stage applications.

Key Details

  • Amate Audio Nitid S15 full range point source active speaker system
  • 15-inch long excursion woofer with neodymium magnet and 3-inch voice coil
  • Polymer diaphragm compression driver with 1.75-inch voice coil and neodymium magnet
  • Asymmetrical rotational dispersion horn (50 degree to 100 degree x 55 degree)
  • 50HZ to 19Hz with FiR phase correction
  • 800W (LF) + 200W (HF) Class D bi-amplification
  • High-efficiency SMPS power supply and PFC factor correction
  • 64-bit DSP with presets and 3.5-inch TFT colour touchscreen interface
  • ALC (Adaptive Loudness Compensation) low volume enhancement
  • 5-band EQ, input and output monitoring, thermal protection and overvoltage protection

Amate Audio

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Amate S15 15” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 1000W

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