Amate S26 2×6” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 450W


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Introducing the Amate Nitid S26, a high performance active speaker with dual custom 6-inch carbon fibre drivers, delivering incredible sound quality and a 121dB continuous SPL output capability. This advanced, ultra-compact, powered PA speaker system provides extraordinary power levels and coverage from its discrete dimensions..

This hugely capable point source loudspeaker system features Amate Audio’s 3rd generation of Class D amplification and the latest 64-bit DSP and FIR phase filter correction. These high output, full range, compact powered PA speakers can be utilised anywhere that big performance is required but space is limited. They include adaptive loudness compensation, which is designed to automatically adjust the EQ when the system is used at low volume.

The S26 utilises a pair of extremely high-performance, custom 6-inch carbon fibre coned drivers which were specially developed for the range. Heavy-duty rubber suspension and neodymium magnets allow for extended low-frequency response and high SPL, while providing near audiophile signal reproduction. Coupled with a 1-inch titanium diaphragm neodymium tweeter unit, the S26 provides 58Hz – 20kHz range at 121dB continuous.

The Nitid series ‘plug & play’ power and control platform now includes advanced FIR phase filter correction filtering for full phase adjustment and phase alignment. The 64-bit control DSP system manages the amplifiers gain structure, limiting, cross-over settings and a convenient 294ms/100m installation alignment delay. The DSP works as a total system guardian, monitoring amplifier thermals and both input and output levels and stepping in to protect the amplifier and speaker drivers from damage.

The colour touchscreen operation and monitoring of the DSP system include access to powerful presets that instantly configure your Nítid loudspeaker for most common application environments within seconds, before rigging or installation. These can then be fine tuned to perfection will full access to every available parameter for a custom tonal setting.

As with all Nitid powered PA speakers, the S26 is birch ply construction finished with a highly durable Polyurea resin coating. They are available in standard black or a custom white finish.

Key Details

  • Amate Audio S26 point source speaker system
  • Dual 6-inch carbon fibre cone woofers with neodymium magnets
  • 1-inch titanium diaphragm tweeter with neodymium magnet
  • 58HZ to 20Hz with FiR phase correction
  • 400W (LF) + 50W (HF) Class D bi-amplification
  • High-efficiency SMPS power supply and PFC factor correction
  • 64-bit DSP with colour touchscreen interface
  • Onboard selectable EQ, input and output monitoring, thermal protection and overvoltage protection
  • Heavy-duty birch ply construction with Polyurea coating for extreme durability
  • Powercon input and output connections

Amate Audio

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Active (Powered)

Amate S26 2×6” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 450W

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