Amate N46 4×6” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 700W


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Looking for a versatile and high-end audio solution for your medium-large venue? Look no further than the Amate N46 column array active speaker. This speaker boasts an impressive 700W output and a bi-amplified, two-way system, ensuring a full-range output and long coverage. Plus, with its durable design, you can trust it to be a reliable investment for any professional setup.

This powered PA speaker features a two-way design and a Class D bi-amplified system, meaning that an external amplifier is not needed. There are four 6-inch woofers, powered by a 600W amplifier, and a 1.75-inch compression driver for high frequencies, powered by a 100W amplifier. This configuration results in exceptional sound reproduction and a full-frequency response.

With built-in digital signal processing (DSP) controls, you can optimise the output of this speaker with ease. The LCD control panel and touch panel are user-friendly, so you can simply adjust settings such as crossovers, 5-band equalizer controls, delay, limiter, gain control, and mute. Presets are also available for common applications like flat, speech, nearfield, and long-throw, for a quick setup. In addition, the XLR input and link make connecting equipment a breeze, and the included Eco mode minimises energy consumption.

This active speaker is also built to last, with multilayer birch plywood housing and high-resistant black Polyurea® coating. A 1.5mm black mesh speaker grille optimises performance and adds an attractive appearance, while the ergonomic handle provides easy handling. If you wish to mount the speaker on a tripod, a 35mm diameter pole mount socket is featured, and M8 rigging points make flying easy.

In conclusion, the Amate N46 active speaker is a high-quality, versatile, and robust speaker that delivers an excellent audio performance. With its bi-amplified, two-way system, 700W output, and long coverage, it’s great for medium and large venues. Plus with its user-friendly controls, DSP presets, and Eco mode, it’s a breeze to set up and operate.

Key Details

  • Powerful active column array speaker, perfect for halls, auditoriums and entertainment venues
  • 700W output with 3rd generation Class D bi-amplified system
  • Two-way system with four 6-inch woofers and a 1.75-inch compression driver, providing a full-range response
  • Built-in DSP with selection of useful presets for quick and easy setup
  • Durable build, with strong plywood housing and high-resistant Polyurea® coating
  • Eco mode available, minimising energy consumption
  • 35mm pole socket for optional stand mounting and M8 rigging points for easy flying
  • 2-year extended warranty

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Amate N46 4×6” Two-Way Active Speaker, Full-Range, 700W

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