Studiomaster V5 Large Active Line Array Speaker Fly System


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Introducing the Studiomaster V5 Large Active Line Array Speaker Fly System, a ready to use audio package that’s an ideal choice as a PA system for Church and modern worship venues. This complete line array system with 4 bass enclosures and 16 top speakers comes with all the fittings needed for flying (suspending), providing long throw audio coverage with a defined, powerful output.

This compact V5 line array system is supplied here for a flown operation, so suspension from a suitable ceiling fixture or structural beam. Each side of this array features two active bass speaker modules, which support eight passive array modules in that classic curved design that always looks amazing. The bass enclosures and array modules are locked to each other with the built-in pin rigging system, with angle adjustment to the modules up to 10-degrees, in 2-degree increments for achieving the optimum coverage.

Perfect for installation as a church line array speaker system, this large Studiomaster V5 package features four active V5SA dual 10-inch bass speaker enclosures (two per stack), with sixteen of the V5 passive 2×5-inch line array speaker modules (eight per stack), providing an ultra compact format, high performance PA sound system that has impressive looks and is easy to set up and use.

The V5 top speaker modules have 44mm compression drivers providing a detailed high-end and superb clarity to vocals and normal speaking, from a whisper to a full choir. The dual custom 5-inch midrange woofers and trapezoidal design cabinets allow for a high SPL with precise dispersion characteristics, working in tandem with the V5SA low frequency bass unit to provide a truly impressive soundstage.

Each of the four V5SA active bass speakers features a 750W + 750W bi-amplifier which operates through its own DSP to control crossover functions and power distribution for itself and any attached passive array speaker modules. The DSP also monitors and controls thermal and overcurrent issues, and the intelligent system will automatically drop the output power level to protect the amplifier and speaker drivers from damage. In this full system, each V5SA will power itself, plus 4 array modules.

Built to be tough for a long working life, the Studiomaster V5 flyable line arrays enclosures are finished in a black rubberised paint, with heavy-duty punched steel grilles. The built-in pinlock rigging system allows for fast and secure attachment of the top speakers and bass speakers, and the included suspension rack units allow for secure flying of the array systems from suitable structural mounting points.

Package Includes

  • 16x Studiomaster V5 passive MF/HF line array speaker
  • 4x Studiomaster V5SA active bass speaker
  • 2x Studiomaster V5TOP-RACK Suspension

Key Details

  • High performance flown line array speaker system
  • Sixteen V5 passive line array MF/HF speaker modules (eight per side)
  • Four V5SA active LF bass speaker units (two per side)
  • Each V5SA has a built-in 750W + 750W bi-amplifier unit that powers up to four array modules
  • Active DSP system with thermal and current protection
  • Active crossover control with auto limiting
  • Ultra compact design with durable rubberised finish
  • Fully adjustable aluminium rigging system with pinlock fittings
  • Steel flybar suspension units


  • V5 Top Speaker
  • High power passive line array speaker module
  • Superior quality 2 x 5-inch HF/MF drivers
  • 44mm compression driver
  • Ultra compact design with durable rubberised finish
  • Black metal grille
  • Fully adjustable aluminium suspension rigging system
  • V5SA Bass Speaker
  • 2 x 10-inch low frequency drivers using vented horn design to improve efficiency
  • High power linear amplifier with intelligent thermal protection
  • DSP audio processing built in to perfectly match your sound
  • Rubbererised paint finish and metal grille
  • Side mounted carry handles


  • V5 Top Speaker
  • MAX SPL – LF 116dB / HF 127dB
  • PEAK – LF 400W / HF 200W
  • RMS – LF 100W / HF 50W
  • Frequency response – 60Hz – 20kHz (-10dB) 80Hz – 18kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Coverage (h x v) – 90 degree x angle dependent
  • LF Driver – 2 x 5-inch / 25mm VC
  • HF Driver – 1 x 1.75-inch / 44mm VC
  • Vertical spread angle – 0-10 degree (2-degree step)
  • Crossover frequency – 80Hz / 1.7kHz
  • V5SA Bass Speaker
  • MAX SPL – 130dB
  • Power – 750W+750W bi-amplified
  • Weight – 33kg
  • Frequency response – 50Hz – 350Hz (-10dB) – 55Hz – 300Hz (+/-3dB)
  • LF Driver – 2 x 10-inch / 65mm VC
  • Crossover frequency – LF AMP + 4x 4ohm output for MF/HF 80Hz
  • Dimensions (wxhxd) – 483 x 410 x 680mm


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Studiomaster V5 Large Active Line Array Speaker Fly System

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