BeamZ Pro Fuze610Z LED Moving Head Lights with Flight Case


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The Fuze610Z moving head wash lights are the perfect solution for both permanent installations and mobile use. Equipped with a sturdy flightcase, these professional range LED moving head light fixtures produce a varied light display suitable for a variety of venues, including nightclubs, discos, concerts and stage performances.

With 6 high-intensity RGBW-LED lights in each moving head washer, these lights emit an extremely bright flood of light with soft edges that bleed into the surrounding areas for large coverage. Thanks to their modern high-optics technology, the output of the 6 lenses can be combined into one widespread beam. Their linear motorized zoom makes it easy to adjust the beam angle between 2° and 24° to achieve the desired wash effect, such as backlighting on stages or on dancefloors when hung on traditional T-bars or overhead truss.

Integrated with a 16 stepper motor, the Fuze610Z moving head wash lights can be finely tuned for fluid movement and precise positioning. With two DMX profiles, 16-bit and 8-bit, the lights can be controlled with optimized precision, allowing adjustments to the pan and tilt movements with exact positioning values. DMX functions also make it possible to colour mix the RGBW-LEDs to produce an unlimited amount of potential colours.

These moving head lights can be electrically dimmed between 0% and 100% to suit the brightness of your venue, create fade ins/outs during performances, or chase effect sequences when used alongside multiple units in a lighting rig. Additionally, the strobe effect can be set up to 21 Hz FPS, making it perfect for nightclubs, raves, and immersive atmospheric lighting during concerts.

The Fuze610Z moving head wash lights feature master/slave synchronization for easy setup and can be controlled using automatic pre-programmed shows or sound reactive mode. This makes it possible to create a continuous display that utilizes all functions available, without having to control each light individually. With all these features, the Fuze610Z moving head wash lights are a must-have for any lighting setup, whether it’s for a permanent installation or mobile use.

  • Moving head wash lights set with flightcase on wheels for easy transport
  • Each unit features 6x 10W LEDs with RGBW colour mixing function to produce unlimited colour variation outputs
  • 16-bit and 8-bit profiles and up to 15 DMX channels for complete control of functions
  • Linear motorized zoom to set the beam angle between 2° and 24°, and 16-bit stepper motors allow exact positioning
  • Auto pan and tilt movement with correction, pan up to 540° and tilt to 270° for flawless light scanning that moves in almost every direction
  • Strobe can be set from 1-21Hz FPS in order to get a rapid response
  • Master/slave synchronisation, auto-mode and sound activation


  • 6x 10 RGBW LEDs
  • 13 or 15 DMX channels
  • DMX and Stand-alone mode
  • Master/slave synchronization
  • Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto mode
  • Beam angle 2 degree-24 degree
  • Electronic linear zoom
  • 0-100 percent Electronic Dimmer
  • Strobe: 1-21Hz
  • Automatic pan/tilt correction
  • Reset function
  • Control panel with LCD display
  • DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
  • Power connector input
  • Quick lock omega clamp included
  • DMX cable included
  • Power connector cable and safety cord included
  • Included remote control
  • Flightcase


  • Lightsource: 4-in-1 LED
  • LED Colours: Red Green Blue White
  • LED Power (W): 10
  • Quantity of LEDs: 6
  • Beam angle: min (degrees): 2
  • Beam angle: max (degrees): 24
  • Field angle: min (degrees): 8
  • Field angle: max (degrees): 41
  • Illuminance (lx): 39.000lx1m
  • Head movement: Pan: 630
  • Head movement: Tilt: 270
  • Flash rate per second: 1 – 21Hz
  • Modes: Automatic programs DMX Manual Master/Slave
  • Sound to Light mode: Yes
  • DMX Channels: 13 15
  • DMX Connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Display: LCD
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Cooling: Temperature-controlled fan
  • Power Plug: Power-connector
  • Power consumption: 1.1 – 0.6A
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 240 x 230 x 260
  • Weight (kg): 4.5500
  • Accessories: DMX Cable, Mounting bracket, Power Cable, Remote control, Safety cord
  • Flightcase for two 610Z

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BeamZ Pro Fuze610Z LED Moving Head Lights with Flight Case

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