2x BeamZ Pro MHL1940 LED Moving Head Wash Lights with Flight Case


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This professional BeamZ MHL1940 moving head wash light system is an excellent option for event organisers, lighting professionals and DJs. The package contains two powerful moving head washers, each with 19 40W RGBW LEDs arranged in a distinctive honeycomb lens pattern. For protection during transport and when not in use, a strong flight case is also provided. This ensemble is ideal for DJ functions, nightclub setups and theatrical stages.

Each high-quality moving head delivers a bright and powerful output, with 19x 40W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs. In addition, there are 48 eye-catching RGB SMD LEDs in an aura effect circle surrounding the main LEDs, creating an eye-catching effect. Plus, an adjustable motorised zoom feature enables the beam angle to be adjusted between 6 and 60 degrees to meet different needs.

Operating these professional moving head lights is straightforward, with a simple control panel and LCD screen. There is a choice of eight preset light shows with adjustable speed, and there is also a sound-reactivity mode, which causes the lights to synchronise with the rhythm of the music. The sensitivity to sound is adjustable to suit any circumstances.

In addition, the moving heads are DMX controllable, enabling the creation of customised effects with a compatible DMX controller. The lights have 26, 38, 102, or 114 DMX channels and include a DMX input/output with 3/5-pin XLR connectors. For convenience, DMX cables are supplied. Additionally, a master/slave function ensures seamless coordination for shows using multiple units.

A solid flight case with wheels is provided to fit the pair of moving head washers, making them easy to transport and ensuring their protection, perfect for mobile use. In summary, this comprehensive lighting system delivers an impressive, multi-coloured lighting effect, ideal for events and a number of settings.

Key Details

  • Professional moving head package, ideal for events, DJ performances and entertainment venues
  • Features a powerful pair of wash lights each with 19x40W RGBW LEDs and an aura effect ring with 48 RGB SMD LEDs
  • Motorised zoom to adjust beam angle
  • Automatic mode with eight pre-programmed shows and sound reactivity with adjustable sensitivity
  • Suitable for DMX control with 26, 38, 102 or 114 DMX channels
  • Master/slave mode enables creation of synchronised shows
  • Equipped with robust flight case on wheels, perfect for mobile use

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2x BeamZ Pro MHL1940 LED Moving Head Wash Lights with Flight Case

In Stock

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