2 x BETA-50 Truss Lifts + AM3801 Adjustable Support Adapters


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Ideal to raise truss with lighting or banners attached, this truss lift package is suitable for various events in outdoor or indoor environments. It’s lightweight and portable thanks to its folding design, and it’s strong enough to carry up to 440kg of equipment when both lifting towers are utilised.

The maximum load capacity of 220kg per truss lift tower is supported by a sturdy ground support with four telescopic boom arms. These may be installed without the use of any additional tools and are bolted together for increased security. Steel-plated spindles are mounted to the ends of the legs and have an adjustable design to prevent the towers from tipping over on uneven ground surfaces.

To prevent sliding, height extensions between 1.73m and 5.3m are divided into two sections and mechanically locked into place with independent locking safety pins. The 6mm steel rope on each truss lift secures the load capacity while you move the gear-cranked winch handle to elevate your equipment to the necessary height.

Each of the lifting towers in this system features an epoxy-coated steel frame that prevents corrosion when used outdoors for long periods of time, making it perfect for all-day festivals. Each tower has a spirit level built into it, so you can see when it’s erected in the perfect vertical position for efficient equipment lifting.

These truss lifts come with two adjustable brackets with male poles that fit securely into the top of each lifting tower. On each support’s two U-shaped brackets, which can be easily changed between 200mm and 570mm to accommodate different sized truss segments, various truss sizes can be mounted.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block & Block BETA-50 Telescopic Lifting Towers
  • 2x Block & Block AM3801 Adjustable Truss Supports

Key Details

  • Tower lift kit for truss of various sizes, perfect for indoor or outdoor events like all-day festivals
  • Extending legs with adjustable spindles and steel plates to mount securely on various ground surfaces
  • Rotating winch handles with 6mm steel ropes for simple height adjustment of heavy weight loads
  • Epoxy-coated frames with integrated spirit levels for perfect vertical positioning on any ground surface
  • Two adjustable brackets supplied with U-shaped clamps and safety pins to mount different truss sizes
  • 2-Year extended warranty

2 x BETA-50 Truss Lifts + AM3801 Adjustable Support Adapters

In Stock

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