Studiomaster V10 Flown Line Array Speaker Concert PA System


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Professional passive line array festival PA system from Studiomaster and Amate Audio, supplied here with flyable arrays and additional ground-use subwoofers. This hugely capable sound system offers high SPL capability and ultra-low distortion from its custom speaker drivers and precision birch ply, waterproof enclosures. This V10 line array system is ideal for use as a concert PA system.

Each of the two flown arrays has six V10 speaker modules which feature a two-way linear sound dispersion design, fitted with a pair of 10-inch neodymium drivers for high performance with a wide dynamic range. For a highly detailed top-end, a neodymium and titanium HF compression driver provides superb HF projection. Each V10 array speaker is adjustable from 0-10 degrees for the optimal projection angle.

This large festival PA system provides huge low-end bass reinforcement, starting with a pair of the V10S subwoofers to each side of the flyable array (4 total). With dual 15-inch woofers with a vented horn baffle arrangement, the V10S subs are capable of an impressive 139dB and 35Hz bottom end, with an ultra-efficient 101dB sensitivity for easy amplifier pairing and fast dynamics.

This larger concert PA system also comes with four Studiomaster V218S double 18-inch subwoofers for ground placement, each with 8000W Peak/2000W RMS and 138dB SPL down to 32Hz. The custom drivers’ 4-inch voice coils allow for long excursion to enhance the low-end sweeps of modern music, with each V218S getting its own Amate HD3200 power amplifier for the very best performance..

For superb reliability and advanced power management and protection, this passive V10 line array system has been paired with high-performance Amate Audio amplifiers. A pair of HD1200 specifically to run the arrays compression horn drivers, and HD3200s to run the 10-inch array drivers and the V10S low-frequency enclosures. Amate HD series amplifiers are incredibly powerful, with full thermal and overcurrent protection, along with threshold limiter settings for the master output.

Amate Audio’s LMS-206 loudspeaker management processor looks after the system’s signal feed. Its 64-bit DSP provides complete crossover assignment with 10 parametric EQs, signal delay lines up to 2 seconds, compressor limiter, 80 preset storage, and USB or Ethernet connections for laptop setup. This signal DSP works alongside the Amate amplifier’s systems to monitor and control all signal levels and control any clipping.

Perfect for large touring rigs, this concert PA system offers incredible power handling and audio quality, providing an immense level of sound performance that makes it an ideal choice for live events such as festivals and stage shows, or for larger indoor venues that require the sound projection that a standard PA simply can’t provide.

Package Includes

  • 12x Studiomaster V10 Passive Array Speaker
  • 4x Studiomaster V10S Passive Subwoofer
  • 4x Studiomaster V218S Passive Subwoofer
  • 2x Amate Audio HD1200 Amplifier
  • 6x Amate Audio HD3200 Amplifier
  • 1x Amate Audio LMS206 DSP Crossover Unit
  • 2x Studiomaster Top Rack Suspension

Key Details

  • Large line array fly system with ground stack subwoofers package
  • Twelve V10 passive array speakers with dual 10-inch drivers and high frequency compression driver
  • Four V10S passive 2x 15-inch subwoofer array enclosures for flying
  • Four V218S passive 2x 18-inch subwoofer enclosures for ground use
  • Amate Audio LMS206 DSP speaker management crossover system
  • Two Amate Audio HD-1200 power amplifier to run the HF compression horns
  • Six Amate Audio HD-3200 power amplifiers to run the arrays midrange woofers and subwoofer units
  • 120 x 10 degree adjustable coverage angle ideal for different venue sizes
  • Studiomaster suspension rack units for flying the arrays


  • V10 passive line array speaker module
  • Superior quality dual neodymium 10-inch low/mid woofers
  • 1.75-inch high power compression driver with 44mm voice coil
  • Built-in adjustable rigging mounts with angle adjustment
  • Protected NL4 input and looped output connections
  • 18mm birch plywood construction
  • 120 x 10-degree coverage
  • Waterproof black textured resin finish
  • V10S passive line array subwoofer module
  • High excursion 15-inch woofers with 4-inch voice coils
  • Vented horn dual baffle cabinet design
  • Built-in adjustable rigging mounts with angle adjustment
  • Protected NL4 input and looped output connections
  • 18mm birch plywood construction
  • Waterproof black textured resin finish
  • V218S Subwoofer
  • 2x 18-inch passive subwoofer enclosure
  • 32Hz – 200Hz


  • V10 passive line array speaker module
  • Low-frequency 700W RMS
  • High-Frequency 80W RMS
  • Max SPL of 137dB
  • Frequency response – 70Hz – 20kHz
  • Dimensions (wxhxd) – 810 x 290 x 490mm
  • V10S passive line array subwoofer module
  • Peak 5600W
  • RMS 1400W
  • Frequency response – 35Hz – 500Hz
  • Dimensions (wxhxd) – 810 x 560 x 820mm
  • Max SPL of 139dB
  • V218S Subwoofer
  • MAX SPL – 138dB
  • PEAK – 8000W
  • RMS – 2000W
  • Impedance – 4 ohm
  • Weight – 83kg


Speaker Type

Passive (Non-Powered)

Line Array Type

Full Systems

Studiomaster V10 Pro Audio Flown Line Array Speaker Concert PA System
Studiomaster V10 Flown Line Array Speaker Concert PA System

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