4x BeamZ Star-Color205 LED Architectural Flood Light – IP65 24x10W


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Introducing the StarColor205 LED Flood Lights, a set of four dynamic and vibrant lighting units. Each light in this set is a powerful source of illumination, making them perfectly suited for a variety of uses such as stage productions and event lighting. These LED Wash Lights are particularly effective for creating mood and atmospheric lighting in any space, offering both flexibility and intensity in lighting design. This set is an ideal choice for professionals looking for dependable, high-quality lighting solutions for their projects.

These LED floodlights each feature an IP65 weatherproof rating, making them robust and durable for outdoor use. This aspect is crucial for architectural lighting where resistance to various weather conditions is key. Their sturdy construction ensures they can endure rain, dust, and other environmental elements, making them a reliable option for enhancing the aesthetic of buildings, landscapes, and outdoor areas.

Equipped with 24 high-powered 10W 4-in-1 LEDs per light, these units deliver outstanding brightness and clarity. The utilisation of LED technology not only ensures potent illumination but also offers energy efficiency and a longer lifespan, providing a cost-effective solution for extended use. The LED Wash Lights can produce a diverse range of colours, offering considerable creative freedom and adaptability in lighting design for any concept or occasion.

The StarColor205 series boasts advanced RGBA colour mixing, enabling a wide array of colour combinations to match various moods and themes. Enhanced with DMX control, they allow for precise customisation of lighting effects. The DMX compatibility means these lights can be seamlessly incorporated into more extensive lighting setups and remotely controlled, adding convenience and flexibility in orchestrating sophisticated lighting designs.

For immediate use, these weatherproof lighting fixtures come with pre-programmed light shows. This feature is especially beneficial in scenarios with limited time or technical resources. The pre-set programs enable quick setup of impressive light displays without the need for complex programming, making these lights a versatile choice for lighting professionals, as well as accessible for those with less technical lighting experience.

Package Includes

  • 4x BeamZ Professional Starcolor205 Weatherproof LED Flood Lights

Key Details

  • Kit with four LED flood lights, perfect for outdoor architectural lighting and events like stage shows
  • Weatherproof IP65 rating for protection against rainfall and dirt when used in outdoor environments
  • 24x 10W 4-in-1 LEDs per flood light, providing a huge range of colour options through LED mixing
  • DMX control and RGBA LED colour mixing, providing a huge range of colours with precise customisation
  • Plug-and-play design with pre-programmed shows, providing simple operation with minimal control required


  • Compact flood light
  • IP65 Rating, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust Aluminium housing
  • 24x 10W 4-in-1 LEDs
  • RGBA colour mixing
  • White led color temperature: 6200K
  • DMX Channels: 4/8/10
  • Pre-programmed shows
  • No fan, convection cooling via cooling ribs
  • 16-bit PWM dimming
  • Colour: Black
  • Control panel with LED display
  • Waterproof connectors, DMX and Power Connector TR (in/out)
  • For architectural and entertainment use


  • Light source: 4-in-1 LED
  • LED colours: Red, Green, Blue, Amber
  • LED power: 10W
  • Quantity of LEDs: 24
  • Beam angle: 21 degree
  • Field angle: 38 degree
  • Illuminance: 32.023 lx @ 1m
  • Flash rate per second: 1 – 24Hz
  • DMX channels: 4, 8, 10
  • DMX connection: 3-pin XLR
  • Modes: Automatic programs, DMX
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Cooling: Convection
  • Display: LED
  • Power plug: Power-connector TR
  • Power consumption: 2.51 – 1.305A
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 270 x 140 x 300mm
  • Weight: 5.35kg
  • Included accessories: Mounting bracket, Power cable, DMX cable

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4x BeamZ Star-Color205 LED Architectural Flood Light – IP65 24x10W

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