BeamZ Pro COB150RGBW COB LED Par Can – 150W RGBW


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The BeamZ Pro COB LED PAR CAN is a great choice for stage and event wash lighting. It features a powerful 150W LED and RGBW colour mixing, providing a variety of bright colours. This versatile light also has a choice of operating modes, and is ideal for stage performances, concerts and parties.

A powerful 150W output means this LED wash light produces an extremely bright light, and it provides a beam angle of 25 degrees, which can extended to 60 degrees with a filter. It has a colour rendering index (CRI) of more than 98, delivering highly accurate colour rendering. In addition, it has red, green, blue, and white colour mixing, enabling a multitude of colours to be created. Furthermore, with its high-speed LED dimming there are smooth fades with no flickering.

This stage wash lighting features an auto mode for simple operation, with four pre-set light shows that can be easily selected. There is also a sound reactivity mode with adjustable sensitivity. If you prefer custom control, the light can be operated with an external DMX controller, with 3, 4, 5, or 10 DMX channels. The master/slave mode can also be used to produce impressive synchronised shows.

The set-up process is designed to be straightforward, and the wash light is designed with a convenient double mounting bracket. This allows the bracket to be used as a floor stand, or alternatively, it can be easily fastened to a light stand. It also has a simple LED control panel with four buttons and a remote control, making it easy to use from anywhere.

To sum up, the BeamZ RGBW COB LED PAR Can is a powerful, professional light for stage shows, events and parties. It is easy to set up and delivers a powerful, multi-coloured output that is certain to impress. Whether you want to use DMX or stand-alone mode, it is a great choice for your next event.

Key Details

  • Versatile LED wash light with powerful output, ideal for stage shows, events and parties
  • High-powered 150W COB LED with RGBW colour mixing, producing a great variety of colour options
  • Beam angle of 25 degrees, which can be increased to 60 degrees when using a diffuser filter
  • Automatic mode with four selectable pre-set light shows and sound reactivity
  • 3, 4, 5 or 10 DMX channels for custom DMX operation
  • Master/slave mode enables synchronised shows to be produced with multiple units
  • Equipped with remote control
  • Features a double bracket for easy mounting, or use as a floor stand
  • Two-year extended warranty

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BeamZ Pro COB150RGBW COB LED Par Can – 150W RGBW

In Stock

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