Cambridge Ice Arena


Ice Tech UK – Design, construction and maintenance company specialising in temporary and permanent ice rink installations.


Complete sound system for the arena with custom flown truss rigging systems and high power effects lighting.


Custom SC Pro range truss octagons with computer optimised Amate Audio speaker installation and BeamZ lighting.

Cambridge Ice Arena

We were contacted in March 2019 by a company called Ice Tech UK, who specialise in the design and installation of temporary and permanent ice rinks and arena ice systems.

They were working on the construction of a brand new ice arena in Cambridge and were working closely with the site owners and developers to help them create something modern. They were looking for a high-power sound system and some type of sound and lighting rigging to allow for safe mounting into the high ceiling above the arena floor. 

What was involved?

Working closely with the team at Ice Tech, we decided upon custom SC Pro TT triangular trussing which was created as two sets of staggered diameter octagonal frames with down-piping supports, similar to the frames seen at American Ice Hockey arenas for the large displays.

These truss frames would each have six PA speakers, twelve LED effects light bars, six RGB wash panels, and six LED moving head beam lights, spaced equally to provide the optimum coverage of sound and lighting effects.

Amate Audio

We worked closely with Amate to design a system that met the available budget while providing the highest and most consistent SPL to all areas of the arena. Amate used their Xcellence software and the dimensions for the arena to provide the perfect position data using twelve of their high-performance Nitid N15 active point source speakers.

The N15 speakers feature advanced Class D power with DSP and active condition monitoring against thermal and electrical damage. They are ideal for this type of environment and provide amazing sound quality and immense SPL.

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The End Result

The grand opening went with great success, and the Ice Arena has become a much loved location in Cambridge. Both Ice Tech and the arena owners were extremely pleased with the systems chosen and the technical advise and support they received throughout the project.

At over 55m long the main arena is a large space, but the carefully selected BeamZ professional lighting systems are more than enough to offer a vivid colour scheme and exciting movement during party nights and themed events, with powerful colour washes, ultraviolet effects, and exciting moving beams covering the rink. The always impressive Amate Audio sound system provides incredible performance, with its custom DSP and phase correction ensuring superb clarity throughout the space.

These are joined with a BeamZ HZ3000 haze machine for some atmospheric fog, and are the lighting is controlled by the supplied Daslight 4 DMX lighting software that allows for choreographed light shows and presets to be easily created.

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