Focal Events’ Dirty Reiver Event


Focal Events organise off-road cycling challenges that attract thousands of cyclists each year.


The customer needed a strong but portable truss arch for use at the start and finish line of races.


Our BeamZ P33 triangle truss was the perfect solution for Focal Events.

Focal Events’ Dirty Reiver Race

In the UK, ‘Gravel Grinder’ off-road cycling events have risen in popularity despite the race format being predominantly American. A Gravel Grinder race sees riders traversing up to 200km of forest access roads, mainly made from gravel in quite gruelling conditions in remote parts of the country.

Gravel Grinding is a type of cycling challenge that sees the rider traversing pavement, gravel, and unpaved roads, with a focus on riding across a variety of terrains.

Focal Event’s Dirty Reiver challenge took place in Northumberland’s Kielder Forest in April 2024 and is the largest gravel cycling event in Europe. They have three courses to suit all abilities: 65km, 130km and 200km, but all of the courses are gruelling and require self-sufficiency from the riders. Focal Events Ltd was formed around the creation of the first Dirty Reiver event back in 2016 and has gone on to organise more and more cycling events.

What was involved?

Focal Events needed a sturdy truss structure to form the start and finish line for the event. They intend to use this at other events too, so the truss set-up needed to be easy to dismantle and transport.

We supplied our BeamZ P33 triangle truss which was perfect for the job. The aluminium metalwork and triangle shape of the truss lends it strength, whilst also giving plenty of places for banners and lights to be attached to.

A goal post style structure, the vertical legs of the truss were secured thanks to a T-shaped apex that allows the horizontal truss to be fitted to act as feet, providing stability forward and backward. Naturally, the structure is also tied down, but the improved stability of the feet helps to combat any effect from wind.

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The End Result

The team at Focal Events were very happy with the truss supplied by Stage Concepts, and they’re looking to use it at future events too. The Dirty Reiver event was a huge success, with plans going ahead for more events.

Being an off-the-shelf solution, it was very easy for our customer to see the product before they bought, and understand how it will fit into their event without the need for hours of consultation and conversations to understand the product.

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