Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach


Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is a fun park that caters to thousands of visitors each year.


Stage was needed for key events, whilst the lights needed to light up their famous rollercoaster.


A 6m x 4m truss portable stage and five BeamZ Pro Star Color 240 Wash Light.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Established in 1909, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach has been entertaining seaside visitors with exciting amusements and rides that suit children and thrill-seekers alike. The park was famously used as a location for the music video in Madness’ number one 1982 single ‘House of Fun’, the park’s 25 rides and attractions have been featured in TV shows, movies and more music videos, adding to its grand history.

A key part of the park’s focus is the roller coaster, which is one of only two wooden rollercoasters still in operation in the UK. It was built in 1932 and once the train has been pulled to the top, gravity takes over the rest of the way. The rollercoaster is a real highlight for visitors, and it is a fantastic feature on the seafront of Great Yarmouth.

So the team at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach wanted the ability to light up the roller coaster at night, preferably with powerful wash lights.

Their season runs from March to October, and the park hosts a variety of seasonal events such as Summer Party events, live music events and Halloween fright nights. As such they also required a portable stage that they could assemble for their events, but take it down and store it when not in use.

What was involved?

The Stage Concepts team supplied five BeamZ Pro Star-Color 240 Architectural LED Wall Washer Lights. By being an architectural wash light, this light is weatherproof and tiltable, allowing the customer to get the ideal angle of the beam, ensuring the rollercoaster is well-lit, and bathed in a choice of RGBA colours.

With its 24 LED lights and DMX capabilities, this light is more than capable of not only lighting up the ride stylishly but also gives them the ability to tie the lights into any wider themes via DMX, helping it match any colour schemes or events they may be hosting, such as Halloween. Helpfully, this light also has auto-show modes to operate on pre-programmed shows with adjustable speed, helping them keep the lights changing to suit the mood of the park.

Also supplied was a custom truss stage roof system and staging. It measured 6120mm wide and 3970mm deep and consisted of 12x 2m wide stage decks. The stage is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for the customer to use seasonally.

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The End Result

The customer was very pleased with the outcome and has since been in touch to say that they are looking to include the wash lighters on other attractions throughout the park. The stage has been used for a variety of events, from summer attractions to Halloween fright nights in the park.

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