Harley Davidson – Belfast


A Harley Davidson dealership in Belfast was looking for a new display stand


A strong and stylish small-footprint truss display stand capable of holding a motorcycle.


A practical and visually striking display truss with a minimal footprint and overhang on each end.

Harley Davidson – Belfast

The legendary motorcycles of Harley Davidson have been a part of Ireland for many years, with the popularity increasing significantly in recent times, which has seen the opening of several official dealerships in both Northern and Southern Ireland, catering to casual riders and the enthusiast HOG (Harley Owners Group) members.

We were approached in late December 2016 by the Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership in central Belfast, who were looking for a strong and stylish truss display stand for their showroom which would serve as a centrepiece for bike promotional events and as a focal point for the floor area.

The stand design was limited in its size due to it being required to have as small a footprint as possible in order to not be an obstruction on the showroom floor, but it was also required to be large enough to support and display even the largest Harley Cruiser, so a custom shape and structure were drawn up to suit this specific requirement.

What was involved?

Working with our truss designer at our UK manufacturing facility, the dimensional and weight requirements supplied by Harley Davidson were worked into a bespoke compact design which was created first as a three dimensional drawing set to be shared with the clients.

This is a very important stage in any of our truss orders, be it a fully bespoke truss build with custom pieces or one made from standard truss sections. The 3D rendering gives the customer a clear visual representation of their design, and allows any changes and modifications to be agreed upon long before any fabrication work takes place. It can be very difficult to visualise in your mind just how a finished system will look, especially the scale, so having a render available with height and width reference points is a service we are proud to offer our clients.

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The End Result

The final truss design is practical and visually striking, with the minimal footprint of the uprights and stage deck platforms, with an extended hexagon shape to the top section giving a nice overhang at each end.

The Triangular Truss design is both intricate and attractive, mixing industrial with elegant, and is a perfect fit for this location as it compliments the form and function of the motorcycles it’s displaying.

The stage platforms supplied are being used with no legs, so provide just enough height for a display without having to hoist the bikes up onto it, they can just be rolled on. The decks are our professional SCA03 Alustage aluminium platforms which come with hardwearing anti-slip top surfaces and have more than double the required weight loading capability that even the biggest bike presents, whilst being light enough to move around easily when relocating the display.

Adorned with the classic Harley Davidson logo boards on each end of the top section, with easily detachable TV mounts on each upright for promotional videos and information it really is the centrepiece of the room, and looks perfectly at home.

This compact yet elegant stand looks fantastic set in the centre of the open floored showroom, becoming both a focal point and providing a much-needed upright structure to help fill the visual void of the high ceiling. The industrial look of the truss fits in perfectly with the machines on show and immediately looks right at home.

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