Mission Impossible Truss Circle


Sunny South Films – Manchester-based production company creating a Sun effect in the film.


A heavy-duty truss circle for mounting lights to, whilst being vertically suspended from the ceiling.


Custom SC Pro drop truss circle fabricated to accommodate the customer’s lights.

‘Mission Impossible – Fallout’ Custom Truss Lighting Circle

With a brief for an 8-metre circle truss that needs to be suspended from height whilst holding 32 heavy lights with a turnaround time of 2 weeks, it may be mission impossible for some, but for the crack team of experts at Stage Concepts, it was no bother at all.

In 2017 we were contacted by a film production company that required an 8m diameter truss circle. It needed to be heavy-duty and capable of being suspended vertically from the ceiling.

As is the case with many movies, secrecy is key and so details of what the film was and what role the truss was going to perform weren’t specified, but we were able to understand that it was a lighting rig that would be hanging from the ceiling.

We later found out that it was for Mission Impossible – Fallout, the 2018 action film starring Tom Cruise. In a club setting, a sun would be suspended above the revellers, with our truss circle sitting behind another larger circle with fabric stretched across it. On the truss circle provided by Stage Concepts, lights were fitted that would shine onto the fabric circle, creating the look of a sun.

What was involved?

After discussing the needs with the customer, we were able to provide a custom truss system that met the brief exactly.

We supplied 8 sections of custom SC Pro Drop Truss measuring 449mm tall and 349mm wide. This helped ensure strength and stability in the truss since the customer was going to fit 32 moving heads to the front of the truss.

The customer was concerned about the weight of the 32 lights, each weighing 40kgs all fitted to the truss. A customised element of the truss was the uprights that the lights would be fixed to, with the uprights being spaced 300mm apart to match the fixing points on each of the lights, and with holes pre-drilled through each of the uprights, for convenience. Finally, box sections with an eyebolt was fitted, with reinforcement bars welded into the truss frame for simple and easy attachment to the suspension rig.

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The End Result

We were able to see the finished effect when the trailer was released for the film, showing Cruise’s character rappelling into the nightclub. The lights shining on the fabric were very effective, and it was very impressive to see all of the team’s hard work come together.

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