Runbase Event Management


Runbase Event Management provide professional management and equipment to race events.


A truss-based race gantry system for their own organised events and for hire purposes.


A classic marathon archway, with internal dimensions of 5.5m wide and 2.5m high.

Runbase Event Management

Runbase was set up in 2014 by two runners, Paul Bond and Gavin Stephens, with the intention of providing friendly and professional management and equipment to the racing events that they both enjoy so much. They have managed and supported full and half marathons in their local areas of Brighton and Hove, and to several events across the UK such as the Royal Berkshire 10k, Oxford Half Marathon, Hackney Half Marathon and Nottingham Half Marathon. They also offer their equipment for rental to other organisers’ events.

We were approached in January 2016 by Paul Bond of Runbase Events management to quote on a truss-based race gantry system for their own organised events and for hire purposes.

At Stage Concepts we pride ourselves on being transparent and thorough, so all our truss-based jobs will come with a complete parts cost breakdown and a 3D Cad render of the finished design to allow the client to visualise exactly what it is they will be receiving.

What was involved?

With requirements for banner displays, a timing clock and PA mounting, the chosen system was a larger truss bridge package, featuring side and top banner display areas, and large ‘dual pontoon’ truss sections as feet.

It’s the classic marathon archway, with this particular build having internal dimensions of 5.5 metres (18ft) width and 2.5 metres (8ft 2in) height. Classic looking; being both imposing and attractive in its unique way, the system offers all of the functionality and robust longevity required for outdoor rental purposes.

Being truss-based, this large structure can then be downsized for smaller jobs and configured in a multitude of layouts, for example, the side banner pieces and second pontoon sections can be left off, giving a structure with the same internal dimensions but a much smaller external footprint. Starting with a larger complete system gives you this option immediately, but the beauty of truss structures is they can always be expanded upon at a later date.

One of the huge benefits of the truss systems Stage Concepts supplies is that spacers are not required at all in any part of the structure, unlike competitors’ standard offerings. Our custom fabricated truss sections and joints all use a patented flush finish internal mount system, and bolt directly to each other for the ultimate in clean look and easy of use. They are also compatible with standard truss and even scaffold pole sections with use of available adaptors should that be needed.

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The End Result

The team at Runbase are thrilled with their system, and it was put into immediate usage at the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham and for the Reading Half Marathon, and will no doubt go on to provide that all-important finish line for many years’ worth of events to come.

With rental purposes in mind, a large truss system is a guaranteed investment return over a relatively short time period, so buying the best quality and task-specific system makes the most sense, both for longevity and for trouble-free usage.

For all of your Truss Bridge, Race Gantry, Arch Systems and all other custom truss-based projects and enquiries, please get in touch for our expert advice and famously friendly approach to help you select the right equipment for your specific needs.

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