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A truly unique company, Shoot Aviation are the experts in everything flying related for TV, Film and Media projects.


Provide a strong modular raised flooring system for a jumbo jet-sized transportable stage for interior-based filming requirements.


Alustage Light stage platform supplied in a raw wood ‘natural’ finish to allow the carpet flooring of the aircraft set to be attached.

Shoot Aviation

Shoot Aviation are experts in flying-related TV, Film and Media projects. The company supplies and engineers a multitude of both working and mock up aircrafts with their heavy involvement within the UK’s thriving film industry requiring all manner of modern and vintage aircraft to be supplied.

For the ultimate in flexibility and cost savings for interior based filming requirements, the company has complete 45ft sections of a modern Boeing midsize airliner, divided into left and right halves, which are fully customisable and modular for ease of filming. These are built into converted shipping containers making transport and location a much more convenient prospect than using a real aircraft of that type.

We were contacted by the Shoot Aviation team to provide a strong modular raised flooring system for their latest construct, which will be a 747/jumbo jet-sized transportable stage set in a similar design to the midsize version mentioned above.

They were looking for a stage deck floor system that was frame-based with removable top surfaces and lightweight, whilst having good surface loading capabilities. This would allow them to support the aircraft seating when needed, and allow complete removal if required for camera access and floor level shooting.

What was involved?

Using the standard 2m x 1m platform sizing for both its cost and simplicity, the floorplan of the enormous mockup required a significant amount of surface area to be covered, so a total of 68 decks were used, spread across the separate modular aircraft sections.

Supplied in this situation in their raw wood ‘natural’ finish to allow the carpet flooring of the aircraft set to be attached, they can also be easily replaced should damage occur.

The frames themselves are a custom extruded aluminium box section, which gains immense structural rigidity and anti-deflection from its construction method compared to a traditional multi-piece welded frame.

It uses less raw material yet massively increases the loading capability and torsional strength due to the extrusion’s intricate internal design. A central underbrace ensures centre panel flex is minimal, and the quick fit leg clamping system makes stacking and transport of the panels quick and easy.

The team at Shoot Aviation are very happy with their chosen system, as it provides them with flexibility in use that a fixed wooden framework or steel welded system could not match in terms of cost, weight or versatility.

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The End Result

Stage Concepts worked with the customer to develop the stage system to meet their specific needs, and succeeded in designing, supplying and installing the stage within 4 weeks, ready for the event.

Needless to say, the event was a huge success and the customer went on to use the modular stage deck and roof system for their Go Greek event. Being modular, the staging lends itself to a variety of other uses that the organisers can utilise without being restricted by size, whilst also being easy to pack away and store.

Stage Concepts can help you achieve the stage system and stage roof package to best suit both location and budget constraints, so get in touch with us today.

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