Stargate – Full Size Replica


Theatre scenery designer Reis Martin in conjunction with a French Association of enthusiasts called the EMG. 


Custom truss framework to be encased into a filming scale ‘Stargate’ model that will be used for exhibitions.


Made by our UK truss manufacturer using a mixture of triangular and ladder truss with cross section custom pieces.

Stargate Replica

We were contacted in November 2018 by Reis Martin, a theatre scenery design student preparing for his degree exhibition. He was working alongside a French Association known as the EMG – enfants de MacGyver (Children of MacGyver), who together were working on the creation of a screen accurate Stargate prop.

Tasked with creating the central core of the model, Reis had chosen to use a custom aluminium truss system which would be encased beneath a mix of wood and resin mouldings making up the outer shell.

What was involved?

A custom mix of radiused triangular truss, ladder truss, and boxed cross sections were created to form nine sections, with the customer estimating a requirement of 400kgs of weight loading to the structure being introduced by the wood and plaster work, lighting and electronics.

The trussing underwent several design revisions during the process, with budget constraints limiting some of the designers original plans. 

It’s a large structure, with a 6m outer diameter making for quite an imposing sight once fully clad and stood upright.

Once received by Reis, the truss sections were encased in wood and the formed sections, with lighting and electronics added.

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The End Result

First shown to the public in London as part of the Open House London project, the Stargate is a truly impressive sight, and is the culmination of a 10 year journey for the EMG group. 

Screen accurate to the gate used Stargate Atlantis, with illuminating chevrons, the massive construction weighs 600kg and will be taken to expos and Sci-Fi conventions.

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