The OVO Theatre Company


Award-winning OVO theatre company based in St Albans providing around 6 productions a year.


A multiple-stage platform system that allows quick and easy removal of individual decks or rows.


The capable Alustage SCA-03 platform, due to the lighter weight of the extruded aluminium frame

The OVO Theatre Company

Founded in 2002, the award-winning OVO theatre company are residents of St Albans Maltings Arts Theatre and look after the day-to-day running of the venue on behalf of St Albans City and District Council. Providing around 6 productions each year at the venue and also appearing regularly at other venues locally and nationally. OVO has toured its productions to London, Edinburgh and Stratford upon Avon, and it works closely with the local community and youth theatre projects.

Stage Concepts were approached by OVO’s founder and artistic director Adam Nichols during the summer of 2016 as the company were looking to make some layout changes towards the end of the year to the theatre’s seating arrangements to help provide a more flexible space solution in the relatively small theatre.

The traditional fitted flip-up tiered seating system in place was going to be removed, with a staggered height multiple stage platform system replacing it, which would allow quick and easy removal of individual decks or rows to suit the production, and also allow the entire seating system to be transportable when the need arises.

This would also allow the seating system to be minimised or removed completely giving a previously unavailable space to be opened up.

Supplying us with drawings and dimensions for the space available, and with a strong idea of what they required, our job was to quote for the most suitable platforms for such a task, and for all the associated equipment required for a tiered seating installation such as safety handrail units and all the fixtures and fittings needed, along with the various heights of fixed length legs for a tribune style tier. Though always a factor, this particular job had no strict budget constraints looming over it, so we were able to supply a full and inclusive package system to OVO from the outset.

What was involved?

Our workhorse stage platform SCA-03 from Alustage was chosen, both for its specifications and its fantastic price point, as it gives the benefits of a lighter physical weight through its extruded aluminium frame, but gives the same professional loading capacities and structural rigidity of a much heavier system, with the standard 2 x 1-metre platform weighing just 29kg yet supporting up to 500kg / 1102 lb / 79 stone.With the theatre’s planned usage layout meaning each deck would be supporting 4 chairs, that equals a loading capability of 19 stone per person, which far exceeds any requirements for both health and safety and endurance, making it a great choice for the theatre’s requirements.

The extruding technology used in all of the stage decks we supply has allowed the strengths, durability and functionality of the industry’s more traditional steel-framed platforms to be available to the user, whilst providing the weight and cost savings of using an Aluminium construction.

They are tough, weatherproof, will not rust or tarnish with age, can be adapted or modified easily and will last a lifetime with little to no maintenance, so they are the perfect tool for a working environment. The space available at the theatre allowed for a total of twenty 2m x 1m platforms to be supplied, all in the choice of natural/unfinished top boards. This is a good option for multi-usage or for installation as the raw wood can be painted or varnished, or have carpet applied, giving you a multitude of options over the life of the deck.

With the initial installation being a replacement for the tiered seating, we supplied round legs in several heights to allow for a gentle stair configuration, with the supplied decks being set up 5 wide, 4 tiers high, with the top tier butting up against the permanently fitted platform that runs the rooms back wall, providing a 5th tier. We also supplied safety handrails which were bolted to the ends of each tier, and chair leg stop plinths which run along the rear of each stage deck, providing a sturdy and practical use of the space available whilst all being quickly removed and broken down when needed.

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The End Result

OVO were thrilled with the quality and flexibility of the delivered system, putting it immediately into usage in preparation for their next production, with the ability of chair removal allowing the platforms to serve as tables, benches and a storage area during scenery setups and rehearsals giving them useable space with or without an audience. The system will provide many years of service and is a great investment.

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