4x BeamZ BC50-150F Foldable Quick Trigger Lighting Clamp – 80kg


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The essential equipment every lighting technician or DJ needs is the BeamZ BC50-150F Lighting Clamp kit. This innovative kit contains four lighting clamps designed to provide a secure and reliable mounting for your lighting fixtures.

Constructed from high-quality aluminium, the clamp is both durable and robust, with a maximum load capacity of 50kg. The truss clamps are also foldable, making them easily portable and storable when not in use. The quick-trigger design allows for effortless attachment and detachment from trusses, pipes, or stands, saving precious time during setup and teardown.

The lighting clamps are engineered to fit pipes and trusses ranging from 35 – 60mm in diameter, making it a versatile product suitable for various lighting fixtures, including spotlights, lasers, and moving heads.

Overall, the BeamZ BC50-150F Lighting Clamp kit is an indispensable solution for any lighting technician or DJ. With its robust construction, secure mounting, and quick-trigger design, this product provides a reliable and efficient solution for mounting your lighting fixtures. Whether you’re preparing for a small or large-scale event, the BeamZ BC50-150F clamp kit is the ultimate choice for your lighting needs.

Package Includes

  • 4x BeamZ BC50-150F Foldable Quick Trigger Clamp Alu

Key Details

  • Four fast trigger lighting clamps are great for temporary and permanent lighting setups
  • Folding mechanism was made to save storage room, allowing it to fit snugly into transport cases
  • Quick coupler system enables instant setup and tear-down, meaning that setup is simplified
  • They have a 50kg load capacity due to the aluminium material, which makes them appropriate for most lighting products
  • Clamps are suitable for 35 – 60mm diameter tubes, meaning they can adapt to different truss systems


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4 Pack Event Equipment Folding Lighting Truss Clamps in Silver
4x BeamZ BC50-150F Foldable Quick Trigger Lighting Clamp – 80kg

In Stock

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