Alustage Square Truss 0.71m Quad Truss Straight Section 48x3mm Tubes


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Alustage 710mm Square Truss 0.71 Metre Quad Truss 

Stage Truss for use in Stage Roofs, Exhibition Stands, Lighting Truss Gantries and Display Stands

48x3mm Tubes

This ALC340710 truss section from Alustage System 290C is made of 48 mm diameter main tubing with a substantial 3mm wall thickness, and its link braces are 16mm x 2mm. It features Alustage SZ04.04 standard Spigot and Pin Connection.

Thanks to their spatial design, the aluminium trusses look attractive and are very strong.

Alustage Truss can be arranged in different ways and are successfully used as elements of stage roofs, trade fair structures, exposition structures, big screen structures, LED display screen and projection screen support frames, lighting gates and sound gates, as well as frameworks of advertising banners or stage decorations.

Each truss is of the highest quality which is confirmed by ISO DIN 4113 and TUV certificate. Each element is thoroughly inspected for finish quality and correct hole alignment.

Alustage ALC34 Truss is also fully compatible with Prolyte H30 Truss


      • Alustage ALC34071
      • Aluminium truss straight section
      • Natural finish
      • Compatible with Prolyte H30


      • Length – 710 mm
      • Width- 287 mm
      • Depth – 287 mm
      • Aluminium EN AW-6082 T6
      • ISO DIN 4113
      • Braces – 16×2 mm
      • Diameter of the pipe – 48×3 mm
      • Weight – 6kg


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      Alustage Square Truss 0.71m Quad Truss Straight Section 48x3mm Tubes

      In Stock

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