Power Dynamics CB2C Cable Protection Ramp – 2CH Corner


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This corner cable protection ramp is a reliable solution to protect cords, cables, and wires in high-traffic areas. With its durable construction and two-channel design, it ensures cable safety and effectively prevents tripping hazards. It is an ideal choice for professional applications, including offices, warehouses, construction sites, and live events.

Featuring a 45-degree angle, this corner cable cover ramp measures 430mm in length and 250mm in width. Its dual channels allow for the safe placement of two cables side by side, eliminating the risk of tangling. In addition, it has a user-friendly design, with a secure triangle connector for locking purposes. It is perfect for both permanent installations and portable use, as it can be easily installed and removed whenever needed.

This cable protector is crafted from durable and recyclable TPU materials, guaranteeing it is built to last. When in use it has an impressive maximum weight load capacity of 30 tons, allowing it to effortlessly withstand heavy foot traffic and even vehicle movement.

Designed for versatility, this ramp is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The top surface features a decorative pattern which increases grip, greatly reducing the likelihood of slips and accidents, ideal for outdoor use in wet conditions. Furthermore, the ramp’s low-angle reduces the risk of tripping incidents.

Overall, this professional cable cover ramp guarantees to safeguard cables and wires, while also increasing safety by minimising the chance of tripping. Its robust construction and two-channel system make it an ideal option for anyone searching for a dependable cable management solution.

Key Details

  • Corner cable protection ramp, suitable for safeguarding cables in many settings, including; events, warehouses, and construction sites
  • Features two separate channels (32 x 32mm) to protect cables and prevent tangling
  • Durable TPU construction with max weight load of 30 tons, suitable for heavy foot traffic and vehicles
  • Quick and easy to set up with triangle connector which locks securely
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor settings with patterned anti-slip surface
  • 2-year extended warranty

Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics CB2C Cable Protection Ramp – 2CH Corner

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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