Power Dynamics CB3C Cable Protection Ramp – 3CH Corner


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If you need a reliable way to safeguard cords, cables, and wires in high-traffic areas, look no further than this three-channel corner cable protection ramp. Engineered with durability in mind, it guarantees to safeguard cables and prevent tripping hazards. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for a variety of settings, including offices, warehouses, construction sites, and live events.

This cable cover ramp measures 540mm in length and 530mm in width, with a corner angle of 45 degrees. Its innovative three-channel design means that multiple cables can be placed in individual channels, eliminating any risk of entanglement or potential damage. Constructed from high-strength TPU materials, this ramp boasts an impressive maximum weight load capacity of 30 tons, making it capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and even vehicles.

For convenience, this cable protection ramp is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It features a patterned surface which provides enhanced traction, significantly reducing the likelihood of slips and accidents in adverse weather conditions. In addition, the ramp is designed with a low-angle structure, effectively minimising tripping hazards.

Installation and usage of this cable ramp couldn’t be easier. With its user-friendly design and a reliable triangle connector for secure locking, it offers a hassle-free cable management solution that can be effortlessly installed or removed according to your requirements.

To sum it up, this cable protection ramp is a great option for shielding valuable cables, cords, and wires, while reducing the risk of tripping hazards. Its sturdy construction and three channels make it an ideal investment for anyone in need of reliable cable management.

Key Details

  • Corner cable cover ramp, designed to protect cables, wires and cords
  • Feature three channels to fit multiple cables and prevent entanglement
  • Simple to use with triangle connector which provides durable locking
  • High-strength design with strong TPU construction and 30-ton maximum weight load
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings
  • 2-year extended warranty

Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics CB3C Cable Protection Ramp – 3CH Corner

In Stock

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