SC Pro 800mm Portable Stage Ramp


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The SC Pro mobile stage ramps provide accessible entry for wheelchairs and accommodate people with disabilities, suitable for both indoor and outdoor stage settings. These portable stage ramps are not only easy to move but also robust enough to support substantial weight, making them ideal for loading heavy, wheeled equipment onto stages without the necessity of manual lifting.

This wheelchair ramp for stage access reaches a height of 800mm, perfectly matching stages that are 80cm high. The stage decks utilised in these ramps, supplied in dimensions of 1m x 1m and 2m x 1m, are constructed with a strong aluminium frame and a plywood base. This combination offers the ideal balance of sturdiness and portability.

The surface of these decks is finished with a special ‘Hexa’ coating, enhancing traction to prevent slips in varied weather conditions. This integration with PD stages means users can enjoy a consistent, reliable setup, whether for events, performances, or other stage needs in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Package Includes

  • 1x SC0800RSA Stage Concepts 800mm High Stage Ramp
  • 1x Power Dynamics Deck750 1m x 1m Stage Deck
  • 3x Power Dynamics Deck750 2m x 1m Stage Deck
  • 1x PD-SC0200RS Stage Concepts Ramp Set 200mm High Stage
  • 1x SC0400RSA Additional Legs 400mm High Stage
  • 1x SC0600RSA Additional Legs 600mm High Stage
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750SDC Stage Deck to Deck Clamp (Set of 3)
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750SDL Stage Deck Leveller (Set of 3)

Key Details

  • Stage ramp for disabled access and for loading heavy equipment on wheels onto a stage
  • 800mm height for seamless connection with 80cm stages, as well as a metal lip that prevents wheels catching
  • Robust decks with levellers and clamps provided for a smooth surface and fully secure setup
  • Additional ‘Hexa’ anti-slip coating on the top of the decks for safe outdoor applications
  • Easy to assemble and transport thanks to the lightweight design of the stage decks
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SC Pro 800mm Portable Stage Ramp

In Stock

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