Truss Bridge – Truss Gantry – Motorsport Arch Package – Style 2 – 3m x 6m


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Motorsport Arch, Race Gantry, Truss Gantry System, Truss Bridge

3 metres high x 6 metres wide outer dimensions. Dual Pontoon Base

Any printed banners depicted are not included, but are available to order separately.

Price is given as an example of the pictured system, but can be tailored to suit your specific need as all systems are custom built to order. We can supply any style of truss based gantry or arch system to your specific requirements and dimensions.

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Motorsport Arch Gantry System Trussing Package – Style 2

Stage Concepts Truss based arch bridge system for racing events, road races, track events, start and finish lines and podium displays.
Built in our UK manufacturing facility and made from the finest grade aluminium tubing, our gantry systems utilise 50mm diameter truss section in a quad based square format, with its unique sectional cross mounting design allowing joins to be made without the need for unsightly couplers or any additional pieces. The systems can be constructed quickly and easily with just an M10 spanner or socket wrench being the only tool required, making build and breakdown times a fast operation.

Strong and durable, our systems can be used for all manner of display, supporting lighting and sound equipment, timing equipment such as race clocks, video monitors and display screens, and all the various types of printed material display common to public events.

System Specification

  • 6 x Square Truss Straight Section – 1500mm (1.5m)
  • 9 x Square Truss Straight Section – 1000mm (1m)
  • 8 x Square Truss T Junction
  • 2 x Square Truss 90 degree Junction
  • 2 x Square Truss Straight Section – 2000mm (2m)

All bolts, washers and nuts supplied.

Weight 251 kg

Truss Bridge – Truss Gantry – Motorsport Arch Package – Style 2 – 3m x 6m

In Stock

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