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Stage Decks

Stage deck specialists in the professional portable stage platform and staging systems supply industry, Stage Concepts are able to offer the finest stage systems the market has to offer, catering to the stage rental industry, staging for schools, academies and universities, stages and tiered seating for churches and councils, and the various divisions of performance end users such as fitness studios, dance studios and the live music circuit of festivals and arenas.

Stage Concepts can supply anything from a one off single stage deck to a full arena stage floor with all the required fixtures, fittings and extras such as safety handrails and stair units. We can guide you through the ordering process to ensure you are purchasing exactly the stage deck that you need and that it will be suitable for the usage you intend for it.

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We pride ourselves on the fact we are not ‘just a shop’, and can give you the old fashioned product knowledge and personalised service that is often lacking in this day and age, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that you are buying stage decks and equipment that's been carefully selected from the marketplace for its quality and longevity, and for its suitability in each individual situation.

Stage Decks at Stage Concepts UK

Stage Deck for Schools and Education

Working closely with the needs of the school and education sector, we are able to tailor each stage deck system to fit specific requirements, be it for a fixed installation or for easily transportable platforms. School halls, drama classrooms, orchestras and tiered seating structures, or for use as ultra durable tables and display plinths.

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The standard stage deck platforms have quick removal legs that mean the decks can be stacked flat when not required, which is perfect for a multi-use room or hall. The aluminium frames of the decks means even the larger platforms are still manageable, with a 2m x 1m stage deck weighing 29kg, which is an easy lift for two adults.
The other convenience of the easily removable legs is the fact they can be changed out for different heights with ease, giving you a multitude of options during setup and allowing the platforms to maximise their usage potential in your environment.

School Stage System UK Stockist   Stage Decks for Schools

Tough and durable aluminium frameworks will not rust or degrade over time, and can be used both indoors and out with no issues. The top surfaces are made from industrial grade plywood in either 12mm or 18mm thickness depending on the type of staging unit. These can be supplied in standard untreated form which can be varnished, painted or have any variety of carpet tile or vinyl attached to match in with what's already in place.
Other options include the popular black hexa finish which is an anti slip textured and waterproof, or a range of custom light and dark wood veneer facings.


For a personalised quotation on your school and educational requirements please get in contact here

Stage Decks at Stage Concepts UK

Stage Deck for Churches and Houses of Worship

Modern worship houses, especially the Christian Pentecostal based churches or the ministries of West African origin have brought with them a long history of live music and performance to their gatherings, bringing people together to be part of a shared experience. Often held in buildings converted from a different original purpose, the use of platforms, risers, and stage deck systems allow for solid weight bearing stage and performance area to be easily and quickly installed.

           Church Stage Design         Staging for House of Worship

Stage decks can be carpeted and have either side panels, valances or drapes attached to hide their appearance and will allow an area to be transformed in a non permanent way.

Having supplied both large national groups and many local places of worship, we understand the requirements specific to both the fixed installation and smaller portable needs of church based musicians and performers, and for choir and orchestra usage.

        Church Stage Design          Stage Design for Church

We can cater for the specific requirements based simply on the available budget or by environmental factors such as the physical space available.

To view our selection of staging products please click here, or get in touch for a personalised quotation here

Stage Decks at Stage Concepts UK

Events Stage Platforms

Large scale live events such as festivals and concerts will always require a big performance area, whether it's just slightly off floor level or raised up above the audience. Your average rock music stage for instance can be anything up to 50m wide and just as much deep if the space is available, which is a huge floor area to cover. Use of either standard metric 2m x 1m platforms or the larger 8’ x 4’ imperial decks allow these larger areas to be covered in the quickest time and in the most stable way, with the frames interlocking for absolute rigidity and the leg sockets accepting the standard steel scaffold pole systems generally used for larger floor area support.

  Large Stage System UK Supplier Stage Deck Construction Festival Stage Roof Suppliers

Stage decks offer a strong and convenient way of adding a multi height flat surface to both indoor events and outdoors on uneven ground as legs can be easily manufactured and altered onsite to cater for any offsets. The slot rail systems of our extruded deck platforms makes bolting on handrails and safety bars quick and easy, along with rear chair stops and staircase systems.

            Outdoor Stage Platform for Sale         UK Supplied Stage Decks

This is where a professional stage deck really earns its keep, giving long life and reliable performance day after day, handling being set up and dismantled hundreds of times and being easy to manoeuvre and transport between venues.

For more information on staging platforms for large events see our APQ page here

See our most popular 2m x 1m platform here  or see our larger imperial sized 8' x 4' platform here

Stage Decks at Stage Concepts

Stage for Fashion Runways

From the low key roll out of a high street launch to the spectacle of a premium designers new range, the runways and staging catwalks are synonymous with fashion at all levels and are required to perform as flawlessly as the models walking down them. Stage decks are perfect for the strong and even surface that's required, giving excellent top surface deflection to minimise surface ‘bounce’ and foot noise and allowing easy customisation of both the surface material and frame to hide them away and make everything look fabulous.

Stage Deck Runway for Sale UK Clear Stage Platforms for Sale UK Fashion Catwalk Stage UK Seller

Custom heavy duty diffused acrylic glass top surfaces can also be ordered to allow the entire stage or runway to be lit from beneath for a spectacular effect, and steel cross sectional grid pieces can also be ordered for either having a more industrial look to the setup, or for allowing smoke effects to be filtered up through the floor. These can obviously be mixed and matched giving you a range of creative possibilities.   

See our most popular 2m x 1m platform here  or see our larger imperial sized 8' x 4' platform here

Stage Decks at Stage Concepts UK

Multi-Use Stage Deck

Modern fitness studios and gymnasiums use stage decks in classes to raise the instructor off the floor and make them visible to the entire room, which obviously requires a platform that's up to the task as it's going to be danced on, jumped on and generally bashed about during the course of a day.

Mobile performers can use several 1m x 1m decks joined together to give them the larger area they need without resorting to buying a bigger vehicle for transport, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of using a pro system

      Dance Class Stage for Sale UK    Fitness Class Stage for Sale UK

Drummers can use four 1m x 1m decks or two 2m x 1m decks joined together to function as an ultra strong and long lasting drum kit riser, which helps stop unwanted vibrations through direct floor contact and helps mute foot pedal noise. Ideal for use at home, in the studio or in live environments they lend themselves to the task perfectly, with easy leg swaps allowing height changes to suit the location and carpet finish tops for further sound muting and good surface grip.

         Drum Riser Platform UK           Quick Fit Stage Legs UK Stockist

Unlike so many things in modern life, the staging equipment we provide is anything but throwaway, lasting for many many years of continuous use and giving a huge return on the initial investment cost.
It also benefits massively from the designs being fully compatible with other brands and platforms both old and future, so you will never have to worry about not being able to make additions, either to an older existing system or with newer systems at a later date.

click here or for a personalised quotation please get in touch, click here To view our current staging range


Stage Decks as Workstations and Furniture

The ultra robust construction and load bearing capabilities of a stage deck also lends itself perfectly to other not so obvious uses. Even the standard duty 2m x 1m platform has a rating of 500kg/m2 , which is more than enough for an engine or gearbox workstation in a garage, a sewing station or for a rock solid base for a computer setup, especially for designers using graphics tablets who need a larger stable workspace. 

          Stage Deck Office Desk UK Supplier                   Stylish Office Desk UK

Ply tops can be custom laminated with pretty much any design or material you may want, which opens up huge scope for interior design and architectural usage. The aluminium frames and legs can be anodised or powder coated in a huge range of finishes and colours, allowing these ultra durable systems to be used as professional home or office furniture for a bold and stylish look.

   Designer Coffee Table UK  Stage Deck White Work Desk  Heavy Duty Table UK

The uses are endless and the quick leg removal means it can be easily stored when not required.

For more detailed information on our modular deck furniture please see the dedicated page here


Stage Systems at Stage Concepts UK

Professional Specification

All of our stage decks are fully CE marked and TUV safety rated to highest level to guarantee their performance and ability to withstand the rigours of daily usage in all manner of environments. They have immense structural rigidity and low flex, with huge loading capacity which is purposely over engineered to mean that the systems are unstressed when under normal usage.  

    European Safety Standards

The use of extruded aluminium gives lightweight and durability, and is far easier to manufacture than the traditional ladder type frames which require lots of welding and additional pieces during construction. The modern extrusion process allows jointless lengths to be produced with exterior slot mounting rails for clamps and accessories included as part of the design, keeping everything looking sleek and modern.
Top surfaces of finished boards are all industrial grade in either the textured vinyl type grip or carpet variants, and have been designed to take the constant abuse of shoes and trainers scuffing and rubbing at the surface.

  Non Slip Stage Deck UK Stockist  Stage Platforms UK Stockist  Anti Slip Stage for Sale UK

The boards themselves are generally 12mm on lighter duty stage or 18mm on heavier duty platforms, made from moisture resistant birch ply for maximum strength and their multi piece laminate construction means they are completely resilient to the bowing and twisting that normally occurs in large sheets of wood.


Staging at Stage Concepts UK


Stage Deck Options

We offer a wide selection of extras to compliment our stage deck platforms, with safety hand rails and railing sections, chair leg backstops, set length and adjustable length legs in both round and square tubular design, leveling rubber and vinyl inserts for floor protection, or a range of locking castors for ease of mobility.
Storage and transport trolleys for multi deck use are perfect for schools and anywhere else that needs to easily store the decks away when not required and makes moving several decks at once a simple task.

As previously mentioned, frames and legs can be custom ordered in anodised or powdercoat finishes and the standard stocked selection of deck surface finishes can be added to with factory ordered real wood veneers and coloured or patterned vinyl or the acrylic and steel grid variants to suit your design specifications.

      APQ Custom Stage        APQ Surface Designs

Fabric skirtings and valances are available in a selection of colours and sizes to suit both single decks or a large stage, and can be easily attached using velcro strips or a mechanical fastening onto the decks slot rail system.

    Stage Skirting     Stage Plinth

Mechanical fixtures and fittings for deck to deck clamping to lock frames together for rigidity, clamps for attaching railings and trussing uprights, and dual or quad section leg clamps for stability in multi platform stages which help with load spreading and reduce movement.

For information on all of the available accessories, fixtures and fittings please contact us via email or phone to discuss your needs. Click here to get in touch


Staging Systems at Stage Concepts UK

Quantity Discounts are available

Prices start from £190+ VAT PER DECK


Standard Stage Deck

The specifications for a standard Alustage deck are as follows:
-Dimensions: 2m x 1m
-Material: Aluminium
-Colour: Black with anti slip finish
-Load bearing capacity: 750kg/m
-Plywood: 12mm
-Weight: 18kg / 29kg

This stage is modular and we also supply fixtures and fittings for joining them together as well as accessories such as legs, clamps, handrails and steps.

Each deck will accept a 40mm/40mm square leg with the fitted corners, although they will accept 50mm diameter round leg if the adaptor is removed.

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