Stage Concepts has a fantastic selection of products from some of the industry leaders in staging, trussing, lighting and speaker systems that are aimed at the professional buyer or installation.

We have stage decks and truss systems from Alustage and Showtec which cover everything from a truss bridge up to a full sized stage roof system and tiered seating stage packages, and the superb truss and roof systems of Milos. These are complimented by a selection of professional winches and truss lifting towers from Block & Block or Fenix, which are also useful as line array lifting towers.

For Installation in clubs, bars, theatres and events venues we have lighting systems from the Chauvet Professional range which includes wash Lighting, spot lighting and fully automated moving head fixtures, which are joined with our selection of high power laser systems from the fantastic BeamZ Professional catalogue.

Stage Concepts are proud to offer the amazing speaker systems of Amate Audio to the UK, along with the unique products from Moose Sound. We have standard active and passive PA systems, installation audio systems, line array speakers and touring sound systems with offerings from RCF, Turbosound and Odin Audio.

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