2 x SIGMA-50 Telescopic Line Array Lifts + AM3511 Type C Brackets


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Package including two Sigma-50 line array lifting towers and two AM3511 adjustable C-brackets. The towers have four legs with adjustable spindles and plates for placing on uneven surfaces, and rubber feet to avoid wobbling. The tower is secured by safety bolts between 1.9m and 5m, and the legs are retractable for easier manoeuvrability. The line array lift can handle up to 120kg, making it suitable for large speaker systems.

For a well-balanced construction, both towers in this set have four legs. Each leg has a spindle and plate at the end that can be used to modify their height, enabling the towers to be put on uneven ground if required. The legs are all equipped with rubber feet to avoid slipping or wobbling while in operation, ensuring a stable mounting mechanism for your event’s speakers.

The tower’s height can be adjusted between 1.9 and 5 metres, meaning that it is tall enough to be utilised at big events and on stages. With safety locks keeping the lifting towers in place at a range of heights in a safe and secure manner, you can pick the height that best suits the area you are using.

These line array lifts not only have a lot of height, but they also have a retractable structure that makes them very portable. The legs fold up to the core of the tower, saving a lot of room for storage and transit. These line array lifts are also equipped with wheels, allowing them to be moved around and set anywhere you wish on your stage.

The speaker towers included in this kit come with a couple of C-shaped brackets for mounting your speakers with. The brackets are adaptable to fit a variety of line array systems and include a 35mm male design for insertion into the top of the line array towers. The maximum weight capacity of this system is 120kg, which is sufficient for installing a big speaker system for usage in concert halls and at festivals.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block And Block Sigma-50 Telescopic Lifters
  • 2x Block And Block AM3511 Adjustable Brackets

Key Details

  • A pair of line array lifting towers are featured – these are great for mounting on-stage speaker systems at concerts and festivals
  • The towers each have four legs that can be set up on uneven surfaces thanks to their rubber feet and spindle and plate mechanism
  • Safety bolts secure the towers at varying heights between a minimum of 1.9m and a maximum of 5m
  • Easily portable design with wheels and retractable legs that are foldable for easier storage
  • Two line array brackets fit into the top of the towers and can support up to 120kg of speakers
  • 2 year extended warranty

2 x SIGMA-50 Telescopic Line Array Lifts + AM3511 Type C Brackets

In Stock

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