BeamZ BC38-75 Slimline Half Coupler Clamp – 75kg Aluminium


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Introducing the BeamZ BC38-75 Slimline half Coupler Clamp, a versatile and robust solution for securing lighting fixtures. This truss clamp is meticulously engineered to offer a dependable and secure mounting choice, enabling you to establish a stable setup for your lighting rig or truss system. With its rugged build and impressive weight capacity, it’s an essential accessory for lighting experts, event coordinators, and stage technicians.

The BC38-75 lighting Clamp is purpose-built to deliver a secure grip on trusses and other structures. Its sleek and compact design facilitates effortless installation even in confined spaces, making it perfect for setups with limited room. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the clamp guarantees durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight profile for convenient handling and portability.

With an exceptional weight capacity of up to 75kg, this truss clamp offers a reliable and quick mounting solution for your lighting fixtures. Whether you’re arranging stage lighting, architectural lighting, or truss systems, this clamp can effortlessly accommodate the weight, ensuring your equipment stays securely in position. It grants you peace of mind, knowing that your lights are firmly attached and won’t budge during performances or events.

The BC38-75 half Coupler Clamp boasts a versatile design that perfectly fits truss tubes and pipe sizes ranging from 37mm to 40mm. Its adjustable butterfly and nut fixing mechanism allows you to firmly tighten the clamp around the truss, guaranteeing a snug and secure fit.

Key Details

  • Half coupler truss clamp that is designed to hang lighting fixtures from pipes or truss tubes
  • Lightweight aluminium with a slimline design that allows the clamp to be used in tight spaces
  • Large 75kg weight loading capacity, allowing heavy lighting fixtures to be securely suspended
  • Butterfly and nut fixing for easy installation and secure fixing around a truss tube or pipe
  • Suitable for truss tubes between 37 – 40mm, making it suitable for a variety of systems


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BeamZ BC38-75 Slimline Half Coupler Clamp – 75kg Aluminium

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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