BeamZ Pro PSP-M3 Spacer Male 3cm


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BeamZ Pro PSP-M3 Spacer Male 3cm
BeamZ Pro PSP-M3 Spacer Male 3cm


BeamZ Pro PSP-M3 Spacer Male 3cm

Stage Truss, Lighting Truss, DJ Truss, Quad Truss, Aluminium Truss

Designed to be compatible with the standard truss from Global Truss, Showtec, Milos and Prolyte truss systems that use the 50mm x 2mm – 290 x 290mm square truss specification.

The BeamZ Professional Truss is made of 50mm aluminium pipe with a thickness of 2mm and 16mm braces. This is the most commonly used trussing system for discotheques, stages, theatres and suitable for many more truss applications.

The Trussing system elements are joined with help of conical connection couplings (not included)

All BeamZ Professional Truss systems are TUV certificated.

  • Coupling system P30
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Made in Europe
Truss Component


Fixing Type

Pin & Spigot

Truss Profile



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