Power Dynamics CB5S Cable Protection Ramp – 5CH Straight


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Introducing the five-channel Power Dynamics cable protection ramp, the perfect solution to safeguard cords, cables, and wires in high-traffic environments. This cable cover ramp guarantees the security and integrity of your cables and is perfect for offices, construction sites and a variety of events.

This cable protection ramp has a length of 935mm in length, a width of 490mm, and conveniently features a five-channel design, with each channel measuring 42 x 42mm. Therefore, it can protect multiple cables and prevents any entanglement or potential damage. Constructed from durable and recyclable TPU materials, and with a high maximum weight load capacity of up to 30 tons, this ramp is built to withstand both foot traffic and vehicles.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this cable ramp features a low-angle ramp design that effectively minimizes tripping hazards, prioritizing the safety of all users. Furthermore, its patterned surface provides an enhanced grip, significantly lowering the risk of slipping.

In addition, this cable cover ramp is easy to use and can be effortlessly installed and removed whenever necessary. It features a secure and stable triangle locking mechanism, offering a reliable cable management solution that you can trust.

Overall, this cable protector guarantees that your cables, cords and wires are shielded against potential damage, while simultaneously mitigating tripping hazards. With its robust construction and multiple channels, this ramp is an essential purchase for anyone seeking a dependable cable management solution.

Key Details

  • Professional cable protection ramp designed to safeguard cables and wires
  • Five channels to protect multiple cables and prevent tangling
  • Easy to use and constructed from strong TPU materials
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, and patterned design prevents slipping
  • Suitable for foot and vehicle traffic with a 30-ton maximum weight load
  • Low angle ramp reduces risk of tripping
  • 2-year extended warranty

Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics CB5S Cable Protection Ramp – 5CH Straight

In Stock

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