Cambridge Ice Arena

We recently supplied custom truss lighting rigs and a high power PA system for the brand new Cambridge Ice Arena. Working with Ice Tech who designed and implemented the build.

The client wanted something to offer a striking look as well as the facility to add more lighting easily.

The lighting truss rig was designed specifically to offer a large area of fitting space in a compact size, and we decided to go with a double layer hex design. This offered great visuals as well as natural positions for the PA.

We supplied 24 x BeamZ Pro 1m Led Strip, 12 x BeamZ Pro RGB Wall Wash and 12 x BeamZ Pro Fuze75 LED moving Head fixtures, All under control from Daslight 4 software.

At over 55m long the room is a large space but the lights are more than enough to offer a vivid colour scheme and exciting movement during party events.

For the PA we selected Amate Audio Nitid Series.

Working closely with Amate to design the simplest system with the best level of consistent SPL across the whole arena.

The final design was created using Amates software tool to calculate optimum positions for coverage. The Speakers selected were the Nitid N15 Active, ideal for use as they can be used in extreme temperatures and also have a remote switching feature to save power when not in use.

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