Stargate Project

Stargate Full Size Replica

A Stunning full sized Stargate replica with central aluminium truss structure.

Stage Concepts were contacted by a dedicated group of Stargate fans known as Les Enfants de MacGyver (Children of MacGyver). They were constructing a full sized screen accurate Stargate.

Stage Concepts built a custom aluminium truss circle which was specifically designed to suit the full size Stargate replica. The truss system would form the core of the build, with custom mouldings covering it.

The Stargate project has been a 10 year labour of love for lead designer Reis and his team of enthusiasts. The completed Stargate was shown in London as part of the Open House London project.

The stage trussing used was a custom mix of ladder truss and triangle truss, built into modular sections that form a 6 meter diameter ring.

Stage Concepts were thrilled to be part of this amazing build, and the Stargate will be touring the world to the various fan events and conventions.

Specialists in Aluminium Truss products, Stage Concepts are not limited to off-the-shelf truss systems and are able to work closely with you and our UK manufacturer to achieve exactly the design in your head.

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