4x BeamZ BC50-50F Foldable Quick Release Lighting Clamp – 100kg


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This pack of four foldable quick release BC50-50F lighting clamps by BeamZ offer the ideal solution for attaching lights to trusses or pipes. They are constructed from high-strength aluminium, which ensures their durability and reliability, making them perfect for long-term use. They are also designed to be easy to use, with a quick release mechanism and a foldable design.

A tiltable design, means that these truss clamps can be installed at an angle to provide maximum flexibility in different lighting setups. They are also designed to fasten to most truss systems, suiting truss and pipes with a diameter of 48-51 mm. Thanks to the M10 lock nut fixing featured on each clamp, a secure fit to pipes and trusses is guaranteed, and the quick release system makes it simple to attach and detach the clamps.

These heavy-duty aluminium clamps are built to provide a maximum load capacity of up to 100kg, giving you confidence in their ability to support large equipment. They are versatile and reliable, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The foldable design of these clamps is also noteworthy, as it enables them to remain attached to your lighting fixtures when in a flight case, which saves time and space in storage. In comparison, traditional clamps require removal from each lighting unit before storage or transportation, making the BC50-50F lighting clamps a more efficient option.

To sum up, the BeamZ BC50-50F foldable quick release lighting clamps are an essential accessory for securely attaching lighting equipment to trusses or pipes. They combine convenience and reliability, thanks to their high-strength aluminium construction, compatibility with most truss systems, quick release mechanism, and foldable design. These clamps offer an excellent solution for all your lighting needs, both indoors and outdoors.

Package Includes

  • 4 x BeamZ BC50-50F Foldable Quick Release Clamp Aluminium

Key Details

  • Pack of four high-strength lighting clamps, designed to secure lighting equipment to truss and pipes
  • M10 lock nut fixing fastens securely to pipes and truss with diameter of 48-51mm
  • Quick release design enables easy coupling and uncoupling
  • Maximum 100kg capacity per clamp and durable aluminium construction for indoor and outdoor use
  • Simple storage and transport with foldable system, allowing clamps to fit in flight cases


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4x BeamZ BC50-50F Foldable Quick Release Lighting Clamp – 100kg

In Stock

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