BeamZ BSC50B Self Lock Lighting Clamp – 50kg Black


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The Beamz BC50B self lock lighting clamps provide an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio. With there useful 50kg load capacity, they are ideal for use with small to medium sized lighting fixtures. Whether you’re rigging for a large concert or a small event, these quick truss clamps are built to hold your lights, speakers, and other equipment safely and securely.

With its slimline design and compact form factor, the BC50b adds a modern aesthetic to your staging setup and facilitates easier installation. This quick truss clamp offers excellent strength and stability, ensuring reliable performance without compromising on a smart appearance.

These BeamZ lighting clamps provide rapid assembly and disassembly, saving valuable time during setup and tear-down. The quick-action mechanism ensures your setup is immediately secure, and allows for easy one handed clamping.

Providing great functionality and durability, the Beamz BC50B quick is a must-have for any staging professional. Solid aluminium in a stylish satin black finish, it offers a quick and easy way to attach equipment to your truss system.

Key Details

  • Trigger style quick clamp for use with standard 50mm lighting truss
  • Solid aluminium in black satin finish for a stylish appearance
  • Easy access handle allows for single-handed operation
  • Simple to use with large wingnut adjustment
  • Self-locking mechanism and weight limit of 50kg


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BeamZ BSC50B Self Lock Lighting Clamp – 50kg Black

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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