BeamZ P33 Fixed Goal Post Triangle Truss Gantry System – 2.5m x 4m


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This BeamZ P33 goal post truss package is a reliable and convenient truss gantry system, containing everything needed for a simple set-up. Contained are robust steel base plates, triangular truss sections, and all the necessary connectors. Whether you have an upcoming exhibition, show, or event, or simply require a portable lighting truss arrangement, this system is a great choice.

When assembled, this lighting truss system stands at a height of 2.5 metres with a span of 4 metres (outer dimensions). With an impressive centre point load capacity of 436kg, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your equipment will remain safe and secure. As a result, it is perfect for securely fastening equipment such as visual displays, lighting fixtures, and audio equipment.

This system has a robust design, featuring high-quality aluminium triangle truss. Its triple-tube construction is engineered to withstand heavy loads and resist any deflection. The truss is made from top-grade Alloy EN AW-6082 T6 aluminium, crafted into 50mm aluminium pipes with a thickness of 2mm, reinforced with 16mm braces. It meets the highest safety standards and guarantees a reliable performance.

Furthermore, this gantry system is simple to set up and dismantle, with a lightweight design for hassle-free transportation and storage. All the required components are provided, including couplers, spigots, and safety springs, guaranteeing a trouble-free setup. Additionally, this system is supported by two steel base plates with reinforced grips, providing maximum stability and preventing any unwanted tilting.

To summarise, this BeamZ goal post truss gantry system is an excellent option for shows, exhibitions, events, and portable lighting setups. Its sturdy build, steel base plates, and high-quality aluminium triangle truss ensure a secure and stable platform for attaching equipment, such as video displays, light fixtures, and audio gear.

Package Includes

  • 2x BeamZ Professional UBP99 Universal Base Plate 99 x 33cm
  • 6x BeamZ Professional UBPC Baseplate Connectors
  • 1x BeamZ Professional P33-L100 Triangle Truss 1,0m
  • 3x BeamZ Professional P33-L200 Triangle Truss 2,0m
  • 2x BeamZ Professional P33-C25 Truss 2way 90 apex in 0,5m
  • 15x BeamZ Professional P33 Truss Connectors

Key Details

  • Triangle truss goal post complete package, ideal for events, exhibitions and portable lighting setups
  • Includes aluminium triangle truss, steel baseplates with reinforced grips and the required connectors
  • Height of 2.5-metres and span of 4-metres (exterior dimensions) once constructed
  • Heavy duty centre point weight load of 436kg, perfect for securing large equipment
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and storage, and simple assembly process


BeamZ P33 Fixed Goal Post Triangle Truss Gantry System – 2.5m x 4m

In Stock

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