SC Pro Mini Aluminium Quad Truss Arch – 2m x 2.5m


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The SC Pro Mini Aluminium Quad Truss Arch is a great choice for displays, events and exhibitions. This reliable system is made from high-strength aluminium truss and is easy to assemble, including everything needed. It is perfect for artistic applications, such as balloon and flower arches, and it makes an eye-catching entrance arch to enhance any event.

This entrance gantry system includes everything you need for quick and easy assembly, including base plates, sections of square truss, and the required connectors. It also has a lightweight design, making it easy to transport and store.

Once assembled, this truss arch stands tall at a height of 2.5 metres, with a width of 2 metres (exterior dimensions). Constructed from durable T6 aluminium quad truss, this system can withstand substantial weight and resist deflection. The truss itself is comprised of 25.4mm aluminium pipes with a 2mm thickness, reinforced by 8mm lacing spars.

Two heavy-duty steel base plates are included, providing maximum support to the arch, and preventing any tilting or leaning. In addition, this truss arch is constructed in the UK, and adheres to high safety standards. As a result, it has a robust construction, guaranteeing security and stability.

In summary, the SC Pro Mini Aluminium Quad Truss Arch combines aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, making it perfect for any display or event. Its easy assembly and robust construction make it a versatile choice for creating memorable entrances or decorative arches. Made in the UK, this system meets high safety standards, ensuring reliability and stability for your events.

Key Details

  • Aluminium quad truss arch, perfect for displays, events and exhibitions
  • Height of 2.5 metres and width of 2 metres (exterior dimensions)
  • Made from high-quality T6 aluminium truss with 25.4mm diameter and 2mm thickness
  • Features stable steel base plates, guaranteeing stability
  • Quick and easy assembly, with connectors included
  • Constructed in the UK to high safety standards



    • Material: T6 Aluminium
    • Quad Truss 175mm x 175mm
    • Main Tube diameter: 25.4mm (1-inch) with 2mm wall thickness
    • Height: 2500mm
    • Width: 2000mm
    • Base Dimensions: 1500mm x 200mm
    • Colour: Natural Aluminium
    • Manufactured in UK

    SC Pro Mini Aluminium Quad Truss Arch – 2m x 2.5m

    In Stock

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