2 x SIGMA-40 Telescopic Truss Lifts + AM3502 Truss Support Adapters


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Two Sigma-40 truss lifting towers and two male fixed supports with U-shaped clamps are included in this set. Telescopic ground support with adjustable spindles and plates gives the truss lifts a secure footing on uneven surfaces. A safety bolt at each level allows for a secure placement between 1.5m and 4.7m. The mechanism is epoxy coated to prevent rust and includes two clamp poles to connect to the top of the towers. This kit is ideal for use at events and for stage lighting.

Both lifting towers are equipped with telescopic ground support. This means that the four legs can be extended and then tucked away for compact storage. The legs are also equipped with adjustable spindles and plates that allow the system to be securely installed on uneven surfaces without wobbling.

The height of the towers can be adjusted by cranking the handle on each one – raising the poles equally at the same time will need two people. With a minimum height of 1.5m and a maximum of 4.7m, the various height choices incorporate safety clamps to keep the mechanism in place. These towers are perfect for suspending trussing above stages and in venues for mounting a lighting system because of their range of height options.

These towers have a sleek but unobtrusive black finish, with their neutral look making them ideal for blending into the stage backdrop. They are epoxy-coated to prevent rusting of the steel structure. As a consequence, these towers can be utilised for festivals and other outdoor events.

This package also includes a pair of 35mm clamp poles in addition to the two truss lifting towers. The truss is fitted into the U-shaped clamps after the male clamp poles are installed into the top of the supplied towers. The safety pins are then used to keep it in place. The clamps are constructed from heavy-duty steel to prevent warping or damage during usage, and they go well with the towers in this bundle to create a solid trussing arrangement.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block And Block Sigma-40 Telescopic Lifting Towers
  • 2x Block And Block AM3502 Fixed Truss Supports

Key Details

  • Pair of Sigma-40 truss lifting towers that can be used on-stage and at events to suspend trussing
  • Telescopic ground support design and adjustable spindles and plates ensures a stable setup, even on uneven surfaces
  • Height adjustable between 1.5m and 4.7m, with safety locks securing the tower in place at different levels
  • Neutral black finish for blending into the background, with an epoxy-coated design to stop rusting
  • The two 35mm male clamp poles are mounted on top of the towers, with a U-shape and safety pins for securing truss in place
  • Two year extended warranty

2 x SIGMA-40 Telescopic Truss Lifts + AM3502 Truss Support Adapters

In Stock

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