SC Pro 1QD Quad Truss Portable Lectern Stand – Aluminium


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The SC Pro 1QD Quad Truss lectern stand is constructed from resilient aluminium, ensuring it is both durable and lightweight and perfect for portable use. Its simple design enables this truss lectern to integrate into any setup. This makes it an ideal solution for a range of events, including conferences, lectures, and stage presentations.

This lectern podium has a high-strength construction, featuring an aluminium quad truss section with a diameter of 25.4mm (1 inch) diameter, and a solid base, providing maximum stability. The top of the lectern is designed to accommodate books and documents, with a width of 460mm and a depth of 350mm. Additionally, a raised lip at the end of the lectern ensures that papers stay in place during use.

Light yet sturdy, this lectern weighs a mere 11 kg, striking a perfect balance between easy transportability and robustness. Furthermore, it is handcrafted in the UK to high safety standards, ensuring its durability. Plus, the sleek and simple design of the lectern allows it to seamlessly integrate into any stage setup, making it a popular choice for professional settings.

Recognising the diverse needs of different applications, we offer the option to customise the lectern with a powder coating in a selection of colours. Whether you prefer a classic black, a sleek silver, or a modern white lectern, we can accommodate your preference. For further information on customisation options, our team is available to assist.

In summary, the SC Pro 1QD quad truss portable lectern is a high-quality professional choice for any public speaking arrangement. Its modern look, portability appeal, and colour options make it a valuable addition to any setup.

Key Details

  • Portable lectern podium with lightweight and robust design, ideal for speaking engagements, presentations and conferences
  • Constructed from high-strength aluminium quad truss with a stable base and a slanted top to place documents
  • Designed and crafted in the UK to high safety standards, ensuring a long-lasting performance
  • Modern, simple design that blends into any setting
  • Powder coating available in different colours, contact our team for further information
  • Weighs only 11kg, perfect for portable use



    • Product colour: Natural Aluminium with choice of powder coating colours available
    • Constructed from Quad Truss with 25.4mm (1-inch) diameter
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Base Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm
    • Slanted Top Dimensions: 460mm width x 350mm depth with 23-degree angle
    • Weight: 11kg
    • Manufactured in UK

    SC Pro

    SC Pro 1QD Quad Truss Portable Lectern Stand – Aluminium

    In Stock

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