SC Pro RACK Lectern with 19″ Rack Cabinet – Silver


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The SC Pro Rack lectern is a popular choice for business conferences, on-stage events and use as a church lectern. It is constructed from top-grade aluminium, making it a robust yet lightweight option for any speaking occasion. Its modern design incorporates a 19-inch rack, ideal for discretely housing audio equipment.

High-quality aluminium truss is used to make this lectern stand, ensuring both strength and a long-lasting performance. Crafted and welded with precision in the UK, it meets high quality standards and is built to withstand regular use. The lectern features a solid base and a spacious top area, well-suited for holding notes and electronic devices.

In addition, the incorporated 19-inch rack provides a tidy solution for audio equipment storage, accommodating up to 30u of equipment. Plus, a lightweight design, with a weight of just 22 kilograms, means this portable lectern is easy to move and position.

To fit into any setting, the lectern is available in a choice of powder coat finishes. Popular colour selections include silver, black, and white, enabling customisation to specific preferences, such as choosing a white lectern to complement a church’s interior. Our team is on hand to assist with enquiries about colour choices.

To conclude, this modern lectern is a great choice for all types of speaking engagements. It combines a sleek and sturdy design with a 19-inch rack to store equipment, and its lightweight nature enhances its practicality, making it an invaluable asset in a range of professional settings.

Key Details

  • Professional lectern stand with a 19-inch rack, ideal for speaking engagements, such as church services, business conferences and educational settings
  • Durable and lightweight aluminium build
  • Wide top plate to hold documents and equipment with raised lip and folded front to display a logo
  • Features 19-inch cabinet for audio equipment, housing up to 30u of equipment
  • Powder coat colour options available, for example, silver, black and white
  • Manufactured in the UK to high standards



    • Product colour: Natural Aluminium with choice of powder coating colours available
    • Height: 1120mm
    • Base Dimensions: 800mm x 500mm
    • Slanted Top Dimensions: 750mm width x 482mm depth with 23-degree angle
    • 19-inch rack
    • Weight: 22kg
    • Manufactured in UK

    SC Pro

    SC Pro RACK Lectern with 19″ Rack Cabinet – Silver

    In Stock

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