SC Pro 2TRD Tri-Truss Double Portable Lectern – Aluminium


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The SC Pro 2TRD Tri-Truss Dual Lectern, expertly constructed from high-grade aluminium, stands out with its lightweight yet sturdy build, perfectly suited for mobile usage. Its modern and stylish appearance seamlessly integrates into various professional environments, ideal for corporate gatherings, academic lectures, and stage events.

This portable lectern utilises two segments of robust aluminium triangle truss, each with a diameter of 50.8mm, ensuring durability and longevity. The lectern is firmly mounted on a stable base, with a slanted top podium featuring a lip edge to securely hold important papers during presentations. The dual-lectern structure provides ample room for documents and devices, measuring 1000mm in width and 350mm in depth.

Weighing merely 22 kg, the SC Pro 2TRD is not only light for effortless transportation but also boasts a solid build. Constructed and meticulously welded within the UK, it is tailored for frequent use. Its contemporary, uncluttered design complements existing furniture in stages or conference rooms, making it a sought-after model frequently featured in media.

Additionally, we provide customisation options for the lectern’s colour to match any setting. A variety of powder coating finishes are available, including classic silver, sleek black, or contemporary white, amongst other hues. For more details on customisation, feel free to reach out to our specialised team.

In summary, the SC Pro 2TRD Triangle Truss Lectern stands as an excellent selection for any public speaking occasion. It offers a harmonious blend of stylish design, ease of portability, and a range of personalisation options, making it an indispensable asset for any stage arrangement.

Key Details

  • Double truss lectern podium, perfect for holding documents and equipment during presentations, conferences and lectures
  • Constructed in UK from high-strength aluminium triangle truss, with diameter of 50.8mm (2-inches)
  • Features sturdy base and large 1000mm inclined top to hold documents
  • Versatile lightweight design for easy manoeuvrability
  • Colour options for powder coating available, for instance white, black and silver



    • Product colour: Natural Aluminium with choice of powder coating colours available
    • Triangle Truss with 50.8mm (2-inch) diameter
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Base Dimensions: 940mm x 400mm
    • Slanted Top Dimensions: 1000mm width x 350mm depth with 23-degree angle
    • Weight: 22kg
    • Manufactured in UK

    SC Pro

    SC Pro 2TRD Tri-Truss Double Portable Lectern – Aluminium

    In Stock

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