SC Pro 1TR Tri-Truss Portable Lectern Stand – Aluminium


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Introducing the SC Pro 1TR Tri-Truss Portable Lectern Stand. Crafted from high-quality and durable aluminium, this lectern has a simple and modern design that complements its surroundings seamlessly. As a result, it is a great choice for stages, presentations, conferences, lecture halls and more.

This lectern podium is comprised of a section of upright triangle truss with a diameter of 25.4mm (1-inch), securely attached to a robust base, ensuring stability and durability. Its slanted top, measuring 460mm in width and 350mm in depth, is designed to hold documents and books securely. This feature is further enhanced by a raised end, preventing important papers from sliding off during presentations.

Weighing just 10 kg, this truss lectern combines lightweight portability and strength. Designed and hand-welded to the highest standards in the UK, this lectern is built to last. Its simple and clean lines make it a versatile addition to any professional setting, easily integrating with a variety of staging furniture.

We understand that each setting has different demands, and as a result, we offer powder coating of the lectern in an variety of colours to match your specific requirements. For example you can choose a bright silver, black or white lectern, and other colours also available. For more details on customisation, feel get in touch with our helpful team.

Invest in the SC Pro 1TR Tri-Truss portable lectern and elevate the professionalism of your space. Its blend of style, functionality, and customisation options make it an indispensable tool for any speaking engagement.

Key Details

  • Portable aluminium lectern, perfect for stages, presentations and conferences
  • Features section of triangle truss, a secure base and a slanted top, perfect for holding documents
  • Made in the UK to the highest safety standards
  • Simple and modern design that blends into any setup
  • Can be powder coated in a choice of colours, please get in touch for more information on customisation options
  • Lightweight construction ideal for portable use



    • Product colour: Natural Aluminium with choice of powder coating colours available
    • Constructed from Triangle Truss with 25.4mm (1-inch) diameter
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Base Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm
    • Slanted Top Dimensions: 460mm width x 350mm depth with 23-degree angle
    • Weight: 10kg
    • Manufactured in UK

    SC Pro

    SC Pro 1TR Tri-Truss Portable Lectern Stand – Aluminium

    In Stock

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