2 x SIGMA-40 Truss Lifts + AM3501 Adjustable Support Adapters


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Package including two Sigma-40 truss lifts and two AM3501 truss support clamps. Each tower has four boom legs with adjustable spindles and plates, with rubber feet to provide stability. The tower’s height can be adjusted between 1.5m and 4.7m, with safety bolts securing the tower at each level. The epoxy coating prevents rust and allows for outdoor usage at all types of events and on stages.

Both lifting towers have four telescopic boom legs that can be folded up to make transportation simpler. A spindle and plate are used to secure the legs, enabling you to alter the height of each leg to fit the surface you’re using it on. These also include rubber feet to keep the towers from wobbling and provide a solid foundation. This sturdy construction enables safe installation on floors and stages.

This trussing setup’s height can be adjusted between 1.5 and 4.7 metres. Safety bolts are used to hold the tower in place at each of the various height settings. The truss towers can be customised to fit a range of situations, with a maximum height of almost five metres suitable for usage on stages at music venues or festivals.

Steel is used in the towers’ design, giving them a sturdy and long-lasting construction. The steel is epoxy-coated to keep it from rusting when it comes into contact with moisture. Therefore, these truss lifting towers can be utilised for lengthy periods of time at outdoor events thanks to their protective epoxy finish.

Two truss support clamps, that fit on the top of the lift towers, are also included in this set. The clamps are U-shaped to accommodate the trussing and include safety pins to keep the truss in place. The clamps’ distance from each other can be adjusted between 200mm and 570mm, enabling them to function with various trussing sizes. The capacity to adapt to various sizes makes this truss holding system particularly practical.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block And Block Sigma-40 Telescopic Lifting Towers
  • 2x Block And Block AM3501 Adjustable Truss Clamps

Key Details

  • Dual Sigma-40 truss lifting towers that support trussing used for events and stage lighting rigs
  • Can be placed evenly on uneven surfaces if necessary with a spindle and plate design and rubber feet on each leg
  • Safety bolts secure the tower at different heights, with a maximum of 4.7m and a minimum of 1.5m
  • Epoxy-coated steel design prevents rusting, allowing the towers to be used for outdoor events like festivals
  • Pair of truss support clamps with width adjustment between 200mm and 570mm, making them suitable for a range of trussing
  • 2 year extended warranty

2 x SIGMA-40 Truss Lifts + AM3501 Adjustable Support Adapters

In Stock

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