Amate TR-X212 Transport Frame for 4 units of X212AFD


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The Amate TR-X212 is a high-quality and durable transport frame for the X212AFD line array units. It can hold up to four units simultaneously, and it allows you to move the speakers around a venue or location easily.

The bottom of this transport frame has four rotating, reinforced castor wheels, ensuring simple, smooth movement and good stability even on uneven ground surfaces. The stacking design of the X212AFD line array speakers keeps them secure on the top of the transport frame, and the shock-absorbing design of the frame keeps the speakers in the best possible condition, even on rough surfaces.

Key Details

  • Line array transport frame that allows for easy movement of four line array units
  • Designed for four Amate X212AFD speaker units, ensuring a perfect fit with quick setup
  • Sturdy and lightweight design for simple transport between locations and events
  • Rotating, reinforced castor wheels that make it easy to move the frame even on uneven surfaces
  • Ideal for mobile applications and festivals to transport and move your speakers around

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Amate TR-X212 Transport Frame for 4 units of X212AFD

In Stock

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