2 x GAMMA-50 Front Load Truss Lifts + ATG6 Adapters


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Two GAMMA-50 lifting towers and four adapters are used in this truss lift tower system for easy and safe truss elevation during live events, festivals, and exhibitions. These truss lift towers each feature a 300kg loading capacity and a foldable construction, making them incredibly sturdy for heavy equipment while still being easy to transport and store.

The GAMMA-50 lifting towers are made of a robust steel frame with an epoxy finish that resists corrosion when used outdoors for long periods of time. They also feature non-slip rubber wheels and feet, allowing for simple movement around a location as well as ensuring they don’t move around when set up.

With a maximum height of 6.2m, these truss lifts are suited for any sized venue, both permanent and temporary. The height extension is separated into five sections to determine the appropriate level, each with a safety pin that automatically locks into place once the desired height is reached.

Each of these truss lifts uses a 6mm steel rope with a geared crank handle and winch mechanism, making it incredibly simple to modify the height of each tower. The towers also include automatic holding brakes to ensure that they don’t suddenly drop in height, providing safe operation when raising truss.

These lifting towers come with four truss support adapters that fit easily onto the two forks on the top of each tower. The U-shaped clamps on each adapter may hold truss segments in place once mounted, and a safety locking pin on each bracket prevents the truss from sliding once it has been elevated.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block & Block GAMMA-50 Front Load Lifting Towers
  • 4x Block & Block ATG6 Truss Mount Adapters

Key Details

  • Tower lift kit for truss in indoor or outdoor environments, with a 300kg loading capacity per tower
  • Epoxy coating on the steel frames to avoid corrosion when used outdoors for extended periods of time
  • 6.2m maximum height from 5 extending sections with locking pins for safe and secure elevation
  • Winch handles with 6mm steel ropes and automatic holding brakes for simple raising of each tower
  • Four truss adapters that secure to the forks on each tower, with U-shaped clamps for simple truss mounting
  • 2-Year extended warranty

2 x GAMMA-50 Front Load Truss Lifts + ATG6 Adapters

In Stock

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