Amate HR-L102 Flying Bar for 2 Units of X102FD


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The HR-L102 from Amate is a vertical rigging bar that is designed for use between two X102FD line array speaker units. It gives you the ability to mount two units together with minimal set-up, with its compact design helping to keep your line array system look as professional as possible during your events.

Three pins are used on this flying bar, which connect easily to each line array unit while ensuring safety once mounted. The durable steel construction makes it extremely reliable, and it helps the line array units be positioned in a way so that their sound is projected efficiently, whether for indoor or outdoor audio applications.

Key Details

  • Vertical line array rigging bar that holds two line array speaker cabinets together
  • Designed for two Amate X102FD units, providing a simple mounting solution with no wobbling
  • Durable steel construction for effective weight loading between the two line array units
  • 3 pins for easy and secure mounting on each line array cabinet
  • Ideal for outdoor events and festivals, helping the speakers stay positioned for optimal sound projection

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Amate HR-L102 Flying Bar for 2 Units of X102FD

In Stock

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