Amate HR-L/GT Flying Bar for X14FD or X102FD


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Amate’s HR-L/GT flying/rigging bar is designed to support the X14FD or X102FD speaker units from an elevated mounting position. The tilted design of the bar allows the speakers to aim downwards towards the listening level, guaranteeing excellent sound projection so that your audience can hear the audio adequately during events.

This rigging bar has a 50mm hook that can be tightened to truss tubes or any other circular overhead structure, as well as an easy-to-use screw for securely tightening the bar. The piece of the flying bar that connects to the speaker units is equipped with pins that screw snugly into place, providing a safe and dependable method for mounting your speakers.

Once set up, this rigging bar is ideal for weddings, outdoor festivals, celebrations and live music performances, as it provides a secure, dependable, quick and simple way to install your speakers for the best possible performance.

Key Details

  • Durable rigging/flying bar that is designed to securely suspend a speaker for optimal sund projection
  • For use with the X14FD or X102FD speakers, ensuring a safe and reliable setup
  • 50mm hook with a simple rotate-to-tighten design to hang the bar from truss tubes or circular pipes
  • Easy and secure connection with the speakers using pins and screws to keep them in place
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor events such as festivals, live music performances, and weddings

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Amate HR-L/GT Flying Bar for X14FD or X102FD

In Stock

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